FIT AND FABULOUS NUTRITION PROGRAM : Your nutrition and weight loss guide

Whether your goals are to look like throwback Arnold, or just a better, healthier you, Fit and Fabulous has the program for you!

Nutrition and weight loss consulting are a big part of what we do here at CrossFit Lando Charlestown. As a Fit and Fabulous client you will get 8 weeks of hands on, personalized nutrition and weight loss coaching from a coach who has decades of experience in the field of health and wellness.

Your nutrition and weight loss journey starts with a face to face meeting with your coach to discuss all your history, goals, and needs for the 8 week plan you will get. You will also have email, phone, and in person access as you need throughout the process. This not a cookie cutter plan that works for some and not for others. This is personalized from start through finish, making changes as needed as you progress.

The focus is on learning how to eat, not some trick or quick fix scheme. It’s like really learning a subject in school compared to cramming for a final. We want the results to last well beyond whenever your work with your coach ends. By learning the value and role that food plays in your health and wellness life you have a much better chance for success than just being told what to do without the why.

After 8 weeks you graduate and have the choice to continue through another round or maintain on your own. You will have your body composition measurements done at the start and finish of each 8 week cycle so you can see the changes over time!

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Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Program

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