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2. Handstand Basics Clinic at Woburn @ 11:15am on Saturday. All members of both communities are welcome. Free clinic to learn the basics of handstand movements and how to build your proficiency and strength on your own time.



3. Paleo Power Meals orders must be in by tonight to get delivery for next week!





BootCamp Sprint


1. Kettlebell Tap Sprints : 5 times down and back
– 5 Strict TTB or best scale after each set

– Run 400m after last TTB set


2. 3 Rounds
1:00 max Russian KB Swings
1:00 max Thrusters 45/35
1:00 max Burpees (bar facing)
rest 1:00




Strength (Woburn) : Snatch
Find a 5 rep max


Strength (Canal Park) : Snatch Balance
Find a 3 rep max


WOD (Woburn) : “Amanda”
Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch 135/95


S : 2x Pull-Ups, 75/55 Power Snatch
L1 : 3x Pull-Ups, 95/55 Squat Snatch


WOD (Canal Park) : Clean “Amanda”
Muscle Ups
Squat Clean 155/105


S: 2x Pull-ups, 95/65
L1: 3x Pull-ups, 135/95



The Program


1. Strength and WOD


2. Yoke Carry : 5×50′, max able


3. 4m AMRAP
Burpee Box Jumps 24/20, wearing weight vest
right into 30 strict HSPU (no vest)





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