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Kickstarter Challenge Points Clarification : For your protein/fish oil supplement point you get a point for taking fish oil on days you don’t workout. So if you take Thursday off or you workout 4 days you aren’t at a disadvantage against someone who works out 6 days. Technically you can get 7 supplement points a week because on non-work days you still get a point for taking fish oil. On workout days you must take both protein and fish oil for the point.

Stacey and I are heading out to Las Vegas for the American Weightlifting Federation Grand Open! It is a new weightlifting federation that I am fortunate enough to have been asked to be on the Board of Directors of, so of course I got Stacey to lift as one of the competitors. There are over 100 people lifting in this 2 day meet that will feature President of the AWF and 2x National Champion Jon North, as well as USA Olympian Kendrick Farris, among others!

Jack, Flav, and Sarah are in charge this weekend. Let them know if you have any immediate and pressing concerns. We will be back Monday morning so don’t worry Jack will only be programming stone workouts for 4 days. Hopefully they will be able to get the live stream for the event on during the day Friday and Saturday so you get a chance to see Coach Stacey in her singlet and me bombing around in my monkey suit looking official (looking being the key there).


Core Conditioning

CORE: 21-15-9
Alternating Supermans
Toes Touches
V Ups

WOD: For Time
Row 1000m
Rest :30
Row 500m
Rest :30
30 Burpees
Rest :30
30 Burpees
Rest :30
Row 500m
Rest :30
Row 1000m


Strength: Push Press

WOD: 5 Rounds
30 Wall Ball 20/14
10 Hang Power Clean 135/95
12 Bar Facing Burpees

* 155/105

Hang Clean WOD Form: Check this video out demonstrating the hang clean and different ways of doing it in WODs including the Speed Clean competitive technique:




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