Oh Friday



Strength: Clean and Jerk

E75s For 10 Sets: 1 rep, build to a max PR goal

WOD: “Nancy”

5 Rounds
Run 400m
15 OHS 95/65

S: 4 Rounds, 10 reps @ 75/55
L1: 75/55

Rx+: If you have done Rx multiple times or once under 14:00, then try 115/75



Core : For Time
Jumping Squats
Straight Arm Plank Knee to Elbow


Conditioning : For Time
5 Rounds
Run 400m
20 Walking Lunges (Add goblet weight if able)


The Program

1. Strength and WOD @ Rx+

2. 3 Rounds, each round 4:00 with 2:00 rest
Complete 3 Rounds of the following
5 Front Squat 225/155
10 Front Rack Lunges
15 GHD Situps
Then AMRAP Muscle Ups with remaining time

  • Scale weight so you are able to grind but still do the FS UB. Lunges should be an epic struggle.