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Lando Store is restocked and ready for action. Please make note of some price changes and prices on new items as we got a lot of new, better quality stuff. Cash and charge is cool with us!

Paleo Challenge Update: Next week is THE END!!! Testing starts Monday and logging ends Thursday, February 27. Testing will go “Fran” on Monday, 1rm Back Squat and 100 Burpees on Tuesday, Pull-ups and CnJ on Wednesday. Time to put the proof in the pudding baby!

The Reebok CrossFit Games Opens are here (almost). In less than 7 days the first workout will be announced and CrossFit Lando will be throwing down with hundreds of thousands of people around the world to crown the Fittest on Earth. Just so you know I have already relinquished my spot so Rich Froning has an easy road this year.

The Opens are the most, well, Open sporting event in the history of sport. Literally anyone can enter and participate. Most of the time the first few workouts are not very high skilled, movements like burpees, light snatches, double unders, and designed so almost anyone can participate. It’s like being able to suit up for the Patriots the first few weeks of the season.

We currently have 40 people signed up for Operation Lando. This is awesome. Last year we had 15. There is still time to sign up. Do not even think about whether or not you are good enough. Good doesn’t matter. It’s about testing yourself and measuring against yourself year to year. If you do the Opens this year not fully Rx then your goal should be Rx by next year. And don’t worry about affecting our team score if you don’t think you will do well. The team score is only calculated by the top 3 men and women scores each week, so a not so good score won’t affect it. Literally no excuse not to sign up!

In all honesty the Opens are a great deal of fun. Each week for 5 weeks a WOD is released, they do a live event where Games level athletes go head to head to show us how it is done, then we all get a chance to see how we do. Even the least competitive of you all out there will find yourselves checking your scores against your friend across the country and wanting to repeat the workout one last time.

Speaking of, here is how it works and how we will be doing the Opens at Lando: Each Thursday night starting next Thursday a WOD is announced. Starting then an athlete has until Monday at 8pm ET to do the WOD and enter their score. They must be judged and then OKd by an official judge (yours truly). At Lando we will be doing the Open WOD in our Friday classes each week. I want Fridays to be off the hook for the next 2 months! Let’s pack classes and get some fun, friendly rivalry going. This is for bragging rights within the gym and for our gym against the rest of the world.

Hey who knows maybe we will even qualify a team for Regionals…and there’s that super coach of ours who does pretty well too!

Get registered and let’s get going! Time to show what all our hard work was for!


Saturday Early Crew: Meet at 8:30, start at 8:45

Strength: Clean and Jerk, work for a 1rm
WOD: “11.2”
9 Deadlift 155/105
12 Push Ups (hand release)
15 Box Jumps 24/20 (not full stand)

The full stand (ard) was not used in this WOD so we will retest it without it.



WOD: 4 Rounds

1 Round of “DT”
Run 400m
10 Overhead Squat 155/105
Run 400m

DT: 12 Deadlift 155/105, 9 Hang Clean, 6 STOH

SkWAT Team: 5×3 Front Squat, heaviest possible

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