Announcements: The Opens and More

The Paleo Challenge Retest Collage

The Paleo Challenge Retest Collage


So many announcements, so little time!!

1) The Opens: Start this week with the first WOD announced on Thursday night. The following announcement is mainly for people officially signed up for the Opens (all 60 of you).

We are changing up our plan for the Opens. We will be having an event style format on Saturdays of each week. The WODs are released Thursday nights and we will have “regular” programming on Friday. Then during the Saturday classes we will have a big community event for everyone to do the WODs, mainly during the morning session. Class time might change week to week based on the length of the workout and we will have class run until everyone gets a chance to do it. So, for instance, if the WOD is a 20m AMRAP we might have the 10am class start at 9:30 and go until 11:30.  Think of this like a mini-event like our in house throwdown. It will be just like a regular class with warmup and everything but we will do as many heats as needed to get everyone a chance to do it. Everyone can partake in these Saturday sessions. Look at it as just another class even if you aren’t registering for the Opens. They are regular WODs like anything else we do so come in and get fit in a super fun environment a little different than our usual Saturdays.

You will have opportunities to do the WODs on Friday, Sunday, and Monday too. If you can’t make Saturdays then you can do them in Temporary Open Gym time on Friday, Sunday, or Monday. Remember this is only for people officially signed up for the Opens. If you are not signed up for the Opens you don’t have to worry about any of this. If you come on Saturdays you will get a chance to do the WODs but it is not imperative that you do.

2) Mental Skills Workshop: Is this Saturday! Many people have shown interest, not many have signed up. Let’s get that commitment done. It’s only $10 for members, $20 for non-members. It will go 12:30 – 2:00pm (maybe slightly over). Head count needed!!

3) Towels: Next week starts our official towel service charge. We go through about 150 towels a week, yet so far only 7 people have confirmed monthly towel service. You are more than welcome to bring your own towels to shower with but hopefully you understand that towels will no longer be provided in the shower rooms. You an opt in at anytime in your tenure, and can pay $5 to use a towel from time to time, but please be prepared come March 1 (Saturday). If you plan on having towel service please let us know ASAP so we can schedule or first pick-ups and drop offs.

4) Paleo Challenge Logging: Ends Thursday, February 27 @ 11:59pm. So you have one more day upon reading this if you read it Wednesday night (tonight).



Partner WOD: Teams of 2

200 Air Squat
Row 6×250
Row 4×500
Row 1×1000
200 Situps

Squats and Situps can be broken any way you desire, rows must be done in even splits as written

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