The Open Through the Eyes of I : 2011 aka Year 0 of the New CrossFit/Reebok Marriage

I’ll never forget the day our buddy Pat walked into CrossFit Fenway and dropped the news that Regionals and the Games as we knew it were bye bye. A new day was upon us in the CrossFit world, and we were all about to get real familiar with the Delta of Reebok. Looking back this is all so funny to me with the benefit of hind sight. We were incensed about losing the live weekend of Sectionals and had no time or room for bullshit news about Reebok and apparel deals. Sectionals were the minor league Regionals and the first step in the Games season. Back then competing in live competitions was the absolute Balls Johnson so losing that big stage opportunity absolutely sucked. Now I know we were all privy to the first underground knowledge about the apparel deal of all apparel deals that probably will go down in history.

The Reebok deal had Reebok partnering with CrossFit in a 10 year partnership that was worth about $100 million back then. Looking back 6 years later, and granted I don’t know a thing about the inner truth to the deal and the economics for both sides, but I would bet quite a lot on the fact that it has worked out for both sides. To give you an idea of how far CrossFit has come in the time since The Deal to now, I like to use my own life experiences of course. I used to just say I was a personal trainer back in 2011 in my days at CrossFit Fenway because nobody knew what CrossFit was. Now everybody has at least tried out a CF class, or one of the many stolen versions at bootleg gyms that could give a shit about the people they’re servicing. As CrossFit the workout routine has evolved, so has CrossFit the Sport, now with multiple time slots on ESPN throughout the year for many events around the world.

Thinking back to the 2011 Regionals at Reebok HQ, we thought THAT was professional CrossFit. I had never been to a Sectionals or Regionals before but all of us Fenway athletes regardless of experience were mind blown by the spectacle of it all. This was legit professional sports. We were being watched by thousands of people as we worked out for time. Stacey qualified for her 2nd Games and I somehow was on a team that made the Games as well. But this Regional was like nothing else I had competed in. Stadium seating, announcers, athlete areas with food, body workers, and relaxation beds that had bodyguards keeping the riff raff out. Now, though? The East Super Regional “spattah in the face” of that 2011 NEast one.

Still, it all started with the Open, and I still get chills thinking about being part of it that year in all it’s remaining garage gym glory while being witness to the atomic bomb level explosion that has been the Sport of CrossFit ever since. If anything signing up for the Open is a must because you just don’t know year to year what might change and what might be the last year something ever happens. Trust me, we aren’t getting younger and this shit isn’t getting easier to do.

2018 is another amazing year of CrossFit all over the world, and CrossFit Lando is right there sharing in the amazing. Sign up and join Operation Lando or Operation Lando The Town (depending on your affiliate you attend the most). I literally don’t care if you have never competed before and have no intention of doing so ever again. The Open is an experience unlike anything else in CrossFit and therefore unlike anything in the world. I said this last week and will say it many more times. This is now the 5th year I will be running the Open at the gym(s) I own, and I have yet to have someone tell me they regret signing up and participating in the Open after I convinced them to do so.

The link is here. Go sign up. Got more reasons why  then come back and prepare for the work for Wednesday.



  • Got more reasons why you can’t do the Open or don’t want to compete? My 64 year old musician and flower designer Mother (“Mom” on the whiteboard) is signing up for her now 6th Open where she will dominate Master’s Division ass this year.


Strength : EMOM 10m

2 Deadlift, heavy
7 Russian KB Swings, balls heavy
– increase DL as able


WOD : 5 Rounds
7 Front Squat 135/95
7 Pull-ups
7 Power Clean
7 Overhead Squat
7 Handstand Push-ups

S: Jumping Pull-ups, 75/55, Push-Ups
L1: 105/75, Banded Pull-Ups, Scaled HSPU

Rx+: CTB, 185/135



4 Rounds
20s ME MB Thrusters
Immediately into ME Burpees
rest 40s
– alternate MB movement from 1) thrusters 2) OH Lunges 3) jumping mb squats 4) thrusters again

Conditioning Day

1: 5 Rounds, each round 5:00
Row 500m
20 Situps
20 MB Front Squat 20/14
– rest remaining time once finished

rest 5:00 after the last 5:00 round is up then

2: 10m AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
6 Superman
9 Wall Ball
21 Double Unders/42 Singles


The Program

1. Personal Warmup 10m Cap

2. EMOM 8m
1 Power Clean, heavy
6 Front Squat

rest until min 10 then perform
10 DB Thruster 55/35 (if unable to get these weights in numbers do single arm 5/5)
12 GHD Situps
14 CTB Pull-ups

3. Bench Press and HS Walk
3 Rounds
10 Bench Press 70% 1rm
30′ HS Walk
60′ Broad Jump
Row 1000m


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