So About that Open Thing??? : What You All Should Do Right Now!!!

So About that Open Thing??? : What You All Should Do Right Now!!!


  1. Woburn is set up as an affiliate and has a team, so if you are a Woburner just sign up and go!!!
  2. Charlestown will be set up by mid day today. If you already signed up and didn’t have an affiliate or team to choose you will be able to go back and do so.
  3. Competitors : Anyone interested or hoping in ANY way to be involved with the 2018 Comp Team needs to sign up as a Woburn affiliate members and Operation Lando out of that location. Otherwise your scores will not go towards the team.
  4. SIGN UP!!!!

(Want to see what happens from the Open? Take a look at the picture above. Your coach ends up competing in front of thousands of people in a professional stadium in California after qualifying as 1 of 45 women from 100,000 in the world!!!!)


Hopefully you are starting to get interested or excited about the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open that kicks off February 22. If you are still in the place of either in the dark on what it even is or undecided on what you will do from a participation standpoint, keep reading.

The CrossFit Games (which is the picture above where your coach Stacey Kroon competed at…have I told you that before?)Season starts with the Open, a truly inclusive, worldwide tournament that spans 5 weeks and involves over a quarter million participating athletes. Athletes are separated by gender, region, age, and Rx or Scaled. At CrossFit Lando we have weekly mini In House Throwdowns where we get together at one or both locations and do the workouts and judge each other. This makes it really fun and you find that you push yourself unlike ever before. There is a leaderboard and everything that ranks you within many different groups, from the main ones like gender, age, and Rx or Scaled, to things like occupation, state, area within the state, and special custom ones you can make with friends.

We will determine how exactly we do each week once we get a better idea of signups, and then might have to wait week by week for the workouts. For now, get onto the Games website and signup. Register for the affiliate and team for where you workout at, and you are golden. IF YOU ARE A COMPETITOR YOU MUST REGISTER WITH THE WOBURN OPERATION LANDO TEAM REGARDLESS. Just do it.

Finally Finally, if you have questions about anything related to the Open, just ask. Stacey and I have done the Open more years than we have not in the last decade. Jack has done 4 years and competed as a main piece of our Operation Lando team that qualified in 2015. Bud, Kyle, Pat, Eric, all your coaches have prior experience in the Open and can help you understand what it all is.

Really the bottom line is this. It’s $20 to sign up. If you end up not doing a single workout, what is $20? However if you don’t sign up then a week in see how fun and rewarding an experience it is, you are shit out of luck. Just do it, right here, right now. 



Notes about Saturdays….

  • A few weeks ago 32 people came and took the CrossFit class at Charlestown. This is not OK on many levels. The limit is 24. This means many people didn’t pre register and/or sign in once there. We have not been strict on this yet but I am not getting complaints, and rightfully so, from members who did the right thing and had a bad experience in class despite Bud doing a great job handling the shitshow that he does not deserve to handle. Do the right thing and register pre-class (Ctown only) then sign in when you get there (both).
  • With no promises we are looking into fixing this situation quickly with adding a class or two in Charlestown on Saturday AM which would also have a time shift most likely. This will be soon if at all so stay tuned.



Strength : Front Squat
– Spend 10 minutes working to 85% with 3-3-3-2-2, the last “2” being 85% or close
– then spend 8-12 minutes working to a 1rm, goal being PR

WOD : Open WOD “11.4”
60 Bar Facing Burpees*
30 Overhead Squats 120/90#
10 Muscle Ups^

*We have done many burpees this week, yes, but they are an essential movement in every Open and have a new standard. If you think you will be doing the Open practice it here. It is how we teach it with a jump down and up out of the floor position, meaning no “step down” and “step up”.

^If you can do ring muscle ups at all then try them here instead of deferring to Bar or Pull-ups. Even elite athletes have little time once here so you might get up to 5 chances at reps anyways, but practicing when tired has to happen at some point.

S : 40 Bar Facing Burpees, OHS 45/35 or FS 75/55, 30 Jumping Pull-Ups
L1; 95/65, 30 Pull-Ups or CTB, whichever you can do RX or closest to



WARMUP: 5 Rounds, each movement 30s on 10s off, work down the list each round
Banded Good Morning
Banded Hip Walk (side to side)
Forearm Plank Hold

rest 2:00 then

1. Core Work : 15m Cap

Hollow Rocks
MB Side Toss to Wall from 6′ (half reps each side), 20/14#
Bear Crawl x3 (feet)

Rest until 20 minutes then

2. Conditioning : For Time
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 KB Squat Clean from Hang 53/35
60 Jumping Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
60 Jumping Lunges w MB (Front or OH, alt)
30 Ring Rows
60 Double Unders or 120 Singles
60 Russian Twists w MB
60 Seated Press w MB
60s Forearm Plank (accumulated)


The Program : Reminder….Meeting @ 7:30a on Saturday, location TBA tomorrow post

1. Strength and WOD

rest 10m from WOD then do

2. E90s for 4 Rounds
a. 3 Squat Snatch, working up to 75% by 4th
E75s for 4 Rounds
2 Squat Snatch, 75-85%
EMOM for ??, cap @ 10 Rounds
1 Squat Snatch, 85%-??, stop @ 10 rounds OR failing 2x consecutively regardless of where

rest 5m from end then perform

b. E30s for 10 Rounds (5m) : 1 Snatch Deadlift @ 110% current max @ 5s up and lower with control down

3. Each Round for Time and SPRINT as able
3 Rounds
25 Wall Ball
40 Double unders
20 Hang Power Clean 95/65 from below knee each rep
rest 2:00
5 Wall Climbs
5 Rope Climbs
25 Thrusters 45/35
Rest 4:00

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