Open Week 1 Almost In The Books

Just like that, the first 2018 Open workouts is a day from being history. Months of build up and BAM, it knocks you right on your ass…but not out. We still got 4 weeks left people, and every one on Saturday looked like they manhandled 18.1 like Crocodile Dundee.

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday across the board. We even had people who didn’t do the WOD at all staying and helping judge and move equipment and clean up at the end. The Open is a tough one for us on the staff side because most of my coaches are just as committed to their training as all of you. Just as you all deserve the best chance to perform as we can provide, they do as well and I know you all agree.

Trust me, it’s tough to be ready for an Open WOD after even an hour of running or helping on Open days. Add to this past weekend specifically that we were down 2 staff members and it was a real thin line between controlled chaos and just armageddon. Special thanks to Bud for coaching early and making it to Woburn with his truck full of equipment then helping as always before throwing down with the last heat. Also special thanks to J-Man for being there well past his usual Saturday schedule when he didn’t even do the workout as he isn’t registered this year.

Seriously thanks you to every member who came to Woburn in any capacity. It was a great. I would love to have it every Saturday, so try and mark the calendars. Best part is I can say with 95% certainty this past weekend was the longest workout by far, making it the longest Open event we will have all season.



  • Remember YOU have to enter your score at the Games site by Monday @ 8pm. Don’t forget, just do it now.
  • Email Stacey in AM, either of us after 12 if you need score check.
  • Follow the programming each week, it’s made for the Open schedule




Strength : Low Bar Back Squat
4-4-4-2-2-2…try and have the last of each rep scheme be = or + than your most recent/current 3 and 2 rep max, respectively.

2 Deadlift 225/155
2 Bar muscle Ups

S: 135/95, 8 Ring Rows
L1: 185/135, 6 Pull-Ups

Rx+: 315/225


Sweat : Stay Tuned


The Program : Read all below

This is huge “listen to your body” time of year. That is absolute #1 indicator for training days. Not just for Monday after Open Saturday but all days. Soreness, excessive fatigue, pain, all means shut it down immediately and just end the training day. You have nothing but bad to come from that situation. You won’t get better gutting through something like that especially for only a few days before the next Open workout.

Remember this near contradiction of ideas, but they both are important conceptually to hold onto during this 5 weeks…You chose to do this, and there was a reason for it. You chose to commit yourself to yourself, to me as your coach and programmer, to each other as teammates in a loose definition. No matter your personal thoughts on our future this year as a team, or your/other people’s future beyond the Open, what you are all equally working for is performing your best in a situation that showed to be pretty special on Saturday.

Think about the scenario…50+ people were there watching you all workout. When has that happened to you? If you have no other reason to keep sacrificing the things that will hurt your performance therefore hurting our performance as a team let that be the one thing that does. When after this do you know for sure you will be a part of a group that is held up as an example enough for people to sacrifice the time out of their own day and watch you, cheer you on, hope you end well? It was really cool to watch as your coach, and I am excited to keep it all going no matter where we end up.

Great work all Operation Lando Team people, let’s get after this week with our brains first.


1. Strength and WOD

2. 10-15m personal weakness work

3. 3 Rounds, For quality of reps to work into quality with speed by last round
30s ME for each element
– Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 (up and over)
– Chest to Bar pull-up (if one at a time then do 1 round of CTB, one of regular, last with CTB)
– Hang Squat Clean 95/65*
– Overhead Squat*

* work on going UB for 30s and count how many you do for reference