Thursday 3.1

At week 2 we are almost at the seasoned veteran status of participation for all of you and it’s awesome. The big part of Week 2 is the comfort level difference person to person, athlete to athlete, spectator to spectator, cheater to cheater winner to sinner. Here we go, week two already going down in two days, so time to get ready for it.

The workout gets announced here @ 8pm ET, just like always. Slght analysis about the workout from kneejerk reaction but dont take it as verbatim until I SAY SO!!! Sorry, or tomorrow evening.


THURSDAY : Open Announcement @ 8pm


Strength: Bench

WOD: FOR TIME, 25m Time Cap

400m KB farmers carry – left hand out, right hand back 53/35
400m Run
40 push ups (20 with right hand on kb, 20 with left hand on Kb, lay KB on side)
40 sit ups
40 supermen
40 Kb Russian twists
40 Long Jumps (6’/4′)
40 Russian Swings
400m run
400m kb farmers carry – left hand 3out, right hand back 53/35

S: 30 reps, 35/26 KB
L1: 30 reps

Rx+: 70/53



Lift: Snatch (full)
– Drills and Skills
– spend 15-20m on finding a max x1

Accessory: Snatch Deadlift + High Bar

Conditioning : 3 Rounds
Row 500m
150′ Farmers Carry*
20 KB Swings

*- do 5 Burpees every drop


The Program : Open Week

Thursdays become Open Prep not just off. Prep whatever you feel necessary


1. 8 Rounds
Row 15/12 Cal
8 Lateral Burpees (over bar or something)
Rest 45s

  • This is all out sprint mode

2. Personal mobility and weakness work

3. Lifting as desired, 6×3 any lift

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