Opening Day Date Change

Well, at least we can say we are staying consistent, right? Due to the holiday weekend coming up and some finishing touches on the bathrooms not being done we are not going to be able to open on Monday, January 21. After all is said and done we still need to get an occupancy permit to operate classes, and due to the holiday weekend we can’t get it tomorrow, Saturday, or Monday.

I know, I know. Stacey and I were crushed as well. But, do not despair. WE WILL BE OPENING next week, but most likely the January 23. As always we will keep you all updated as soon as we know anything. No matter what we will see all of you next week to get the party started! Both the website posts and especially the counter to the right sidebar will be constantly updated, so use either as your reference.

In the meantime, check out this video about the CrossFit Games. It gives a brief intro into what The Games is. As I have said in many previous posts, the best thing about CrossFit its measurability for all people. The pinnacle of this is competition, putting yourself up against others to see how your fitness measures up. By no means does someone have to compete to do CrossFit, compete in the sense of go to a competition. But it is still a great part of what is the CrossFit community. Odds are, once you start at CF Lando, you will probably find yourself at a competition at some point, either as a spectator or a competitor.

Anyways, onto the video!…


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