Operation Lando @ Charlestown Tomorrow Morning

Important Stuff

1. 7:30am for Operation Lando Team Training.

2. REGISTER FOR CLASSES IN CTOWN: Charlestown Landos….SIGN UP FOR CLASS!!! If classes are more than allowed capacity we will turn people back tomorrow morning, unfortunately. We have had too many people complain about their experience in classes that are beyond allowed capacity which is the line for how much we can let it go. There are people who do it the right way every day and they are on occasion the ones having bad experiences. NOT OK!!

We will add classes to the schedule soon.


Come spend a few hours on a Saturday learning from coaches with these credentials:
– the person who writes all the programming for Lando programs, is certified by 2 weightlifting federations, and coached the next person on this list along much of her championship journey
– a 2x Games athlete who is one of the fittest women on earth and a 2x champion weightlifter from the American Weightlifting Federation,
– a 22 year old dude who qualified for University National Championships (the highest level competition on US soil)




Strength : High Bar Back Squat

WOD : 21-15-9
Hang Power Clean 75/55
Squat Clean Thruster (Floor)
Lateral Bar Hop
KB Goblet Squat 53/35

S: 65/45, 35/26, Hope over a line on-  the floor
L1: 65/45, 35/26

Rx+: 95/65


1. Core Tabata
20s on, 10s off

  • Barbell Rollouts
  • Windhield Wipers/Hold Bar Over Chest
  • Barbell Good Morning
  • Hollow Hold

2. Conditioning
2 Rounds, 15:00 running clock
Row 750m
25 Squats/KB Goblet Squat 53/35
KB Swing, eye high
25 Burpees

@ 15:00, perform 5m AMRAP

Burpee + Pull-ups


The Program : Meet @ Charlestown for 730AM START TIME!! Gym will open around 715 so you can get moving. Personal Warmup will be 730am together.