Paleo Challenge End Date Extended…YAY!!!



Some exciting news for you challengers out there. We are extending the Challenge for another week!!!

I’ll let you recover from your excitement for a minute…

The deal is as follows: We are extending the last day of the Challenge until the following Thursday, February 27. Why are we extending your torture you ask? This allows us to keep the challenge going right into the Opens, using our test week as our bridge week programming wise and rolling right into the first Open workout on the 27th. Since I know some are planning an epic cheat meal it actually works best to have that happen on Saturday night (just a suggestion) after attempting the Open WOD earlier that day, then kicking right back into gear the next day.

Not that we are trying to be too Big Brother here but after much consideration we figured the date change is best for everyone involved. It works best for the gym in general from a scheduling standpoint, and it keeps you all in the best position for success. What good is all this hard work if everyone jumps off the deep end when it is all over? If we keep the focus going by pushing the Challenge right up to the Open start we will all keep the intensity up and the focus on World Destromination!

In case you all didn’t know this from my post this past week, I truly, whole heartedly believe in this whole Paleo thing and the lasting positive effects it will have for everyone, myself included. We want to set you all up for the best chance for success and feel extending the date 5 days will do this.

Don’t worry. A solid cheat meal is a must for those of you who have dedicated yourselves so much to this lifestyle change. But keep this in mind…a cheat meal is a reward, a cheat week is regret! Let’s stay on course with all the great gains everyone has made. We 2 full weeks left then the last 4 days that will include our re-testing to see how awesome you all have gotten during the 7 week challenge. To make this all even more awesome there is going to be another challenge tacked onto the end of the Paleo Challenge that will be announced as we draw closer to the final days. More $$, more dedication, and more greatness.

Let’s get it going this week!



Strength: Front Squat
EMOM 10m: 1 heavy rep

The goal of this is for 10 heavy reps with little rest between each one. Get the rep done within the minute, don’t worry if it is not exactly on the minute. Get heavy!

WOD: 4 Rounds
5 Power Clean 185/115
10 Box Jumps 24/20, full stand

*205/135, 30/24: to get the RX+ you must have done both scaled up options. This should be TnG cleans

SkWAT Team: Back Rack Lunges, work to a max 5 step (each leg)

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