Why You Should Participate in the Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge, and Why You Now Have No Excuse

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You know those of you who told me you aren’t doing the Challenge because of too many work trips? Or the terrible luck of having too many weddings, Pats games, football Sundays in general, honeymoons, other awful things during this time? They just evaporated, in their place appeared Dan O’Neill. Dan is a member at Woburn, and his story will render you void of excuses, and in their place new conviction to improve yourself.

Dan is just a regular guy. You know the kind, we all do. Yes he is a regular guy who was an Army Ranger, graduated from Harvard Business School, started multiple companies, one which consults for security in towns fighting drug cartel violence every day. Besides these small details Dan is just a member at Lando like any of you finally at the point he had to change. He came to us in July ready to improve now and forever, the motivation coming from a life with a family who depends on him, a life he wants to have forever. He wanted help, and gave himself fully. What happened is profound for so many reasons, the most being that he did nothing extraordinary on paper.

He simply committed himself, remained disciplined, and in less than 2 months, half of which have been spent on the road, in hotels for work, in and out of all day meetings, stress we all know too well, and reached his end goal weight of 20# lost. Less than 2 months reaching a goal he committed to for a year. Now his end weight we constantly change. His happiness is through the roof, he looks like a different person, and best of all he feels like he is 20 years younger while he is closer to 50 than he is 35.

So those excuses you had? They hold 0 water. None. Zip. Zilch. I’m talking to you, every one of you who has smiled with the half ass attempt for why you can’t dedicate 8 weeks that can literally save your own life. In 8 weeks we can all change our lives forever, and Dan is proof. I am proof. Many of you are proof. This week you will all see, and hopefully you will all make the right choice.

But this here is about Dan. I met with Dan a few days after he talked with Stacey about his life. His wife was a great cook, he loved beer, he loved living, but hated how he felt, how he looked, and the nagging thoughts that his inner health was headed for an end much sooner than he wanted.

In 5 days he lost 10 pounds. In under 2 months his body feels like it’s completely new. He was diagnosed with a shoulder injury that needed surgery. He couldn’t do a push-up without crippling pain. Now, push-ups are his bitch. Not because of surgery, or painkillers, or PT. He changed his diet.

Read that again. An injury that a doctor said needed a procedure that would make him live in pain and with limited mobility for 8+ months disappeared. He was facing months of PT, something so many of us just accept as part of our lives even though we are 25, 35 years old, 50 years old and never injured before. Now it’s gone. Now he is pain free and doing things he couldn’t 2 months ago.

How? Clean eating. He went 14 days completely clean. No booze, no gluten, not a single cheat. Now he enjoys a day or two of whatever he wants, but will immediately admit he wants his clean routine more than his cheats these days. This coming from a man who loves chicken parm and beer, someone who thinks making the gym 5 times a week is a miracle. He’s a regular guy who has made extraordinary changes. OK, maybe he’s a bit more than regular, but you get the point.


246 on 7/11
225 on 9/7

Original goal weight for year end was 225. Achieved in under 2 months. Gained unbanded pull-ups, push-ups with no pain from shoulder diagnosed with injury requiring surgery, general massive improvement in recovery and soreness, all from a man 45+ years old.



This isn’t some sales pitch or infomercial where the only subjects shown are the most extreme cases where everyone else lost 5# or even gained. This is a real fellow member who has aspirations of just improved health and hopefully longer life down the road. This isn’t someone looking for major changes in hopes of becoming a competitor, or facing do or die ultimatums from a doctor. Dan doesn’t train 7 days a week with 3 doubles and a 10k on Sunday. He is just like any of us with jobs and family and a life that is anything but conducive to a focus on nutrition and fitness. But he did it, is doing it, and will continue. He now has the knowledge and experience to enjoy life more if he wants when it counts and get right back to where he is and beyond.

The lasting affect this whole experience can have on you is what the real benefit is. Think about the timing of this whole thing. It ends the week before Thanksgiving for a reason. Knowing you can not only survive the holidays but enjoy them is life changing. Honestly, rather than spend 4-6 weeks in a psychological state of flux ultimately leading to a booze induced meltdown on New Years, you can for the first time ever set a resolution on January 1st that concludes 30 days later with a weight focused goal and actually achieve it. You have no idea the power this has on your life.

Look at the pictures of Dan again. That is less than 2 months, half of which were spent traveling for work. That is a married man with kids he is actively involved with, who owns a business, and lives a very active social life that definitely includes alcohol. He achieved that in under 2 months. I can’t wait to share after the Challenge.

Dan’s story is awesome. Now time to write your own awesome story. Sign up even if you aren’t 100% sure you will see it through. If you aren’t happy you did at the end I will personally refund you $20. That is a guarantee.



New Pull-up Program

– During the Challenge we will be doing weekly pull-up strength program every Tuesday as part of the warmup each class (CrossFit and the new SWEAT and STRONG classes)! The goal is to improve your overall pulling strength with tangible, measurable work over a specific time period with complimentary volume days to follow each week. Try your best to make classes on Tuesday and the volume day (WODs with Pull-ups) on Friday or Saturday the same week. Days will be specified every Tuesday for planning. If you miss a day you can make the work up anytime before or after class or in open gym, but you will not be able to during a given class.

Bodyweight movements are often overlooked training wise for their need to be worked in strength sessions as well as high volume WOD situations. Like squats, deadlifts, benching, and other movements we do daily in set and rep format with the focus on building strength, pull-ups done strictly are valuable and necessary for improving your pulling ability.

Your coaches will guide you each week but the process is straight forward. The format will be the same for 2 weeks, then be changed up slightly but only so. If you follow the work diligently you will see improvement. Do not improvise. If you have questions ask me as I am the one programming all the work, or any coach you can access at the time. Scale the same way every Tuesday until you reach a certain benchmark. These will be published each week for reference.

Let’s get those pull-ups cranking!


Warmup : Pull-up Program, week 1 of 8
Max Effort Strict Pull-ups (overhand grip only)
– 4 sets, rest 90 seconds exactly between each set. score is total reps

Strength : Push Jerk
3-3-3-3-3, hold OH after each rep for 3s

Toes to Bar
KB Clean and Jerk (single arm, reps each side) 53/35
Toes to Bar
KB Goblet Squat
9 Toes to Bar
9 KB Swings
then with remaining time AMRAP Hang Power Clean 115/75

S: Situps, 35/26, 75/55
L1: Scaled TTB, 95/65

Rx+: 70/53, 205/135


The Program

1. Strength and WOD, use +70/53 if able

2. Row/Run Conditioning
Row 500m @ 8/10 intensity
Run 400m @ 7//10
rest 4:00
Row 600m @ 7/10
Run 400m @ 8/10
rest 4:00
Row 1000m @ 7/10
Run 400m @ 9/10
rest 4:00
Row 200m @ 9/10
Run 400m @ 10/10
– immediately after perform 100 push-ups, no cap


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