Come Compete. Come Watch. Come Party

November 21st, Saturday after next, is one of my favorite days of the year. It is our 3rd Annual In House Throwdown and then a social/party in downtown. This is the first event that brings both communities together. I am asking you from the very honest bottom of my heart to please come and participate in some way. Competing is one of the more fun parts of the day and I honestly can tell you we have had so many people do this for the first time during the In House and love every minute. The workouts will be just like what we do every day in class. If you don’t want to compete then come watch. Food will be provided and supporting your fellow Landos brings the community together like non other. Lastly, whether you participate during the day, the party that night always ends up being a great time. The location is TBD.


I will be the first to admit that the job I have isn’t easy. I’m sure a lot of you out there have talked amongst yourselves about how I don’t always look like Im having the most fun in life. I will again be the first to admit that I (stupidly) never would have guessed how much more work adding a 2nd location to my business would give me personally and strain my staff and resources. However, every single difficult moment, every 2 day stretch where I sleep less than 2 hours, every canceled membership that I take personally, all of it is made worth it by the community around these gyms. I say it anytime I can that the people are what make CrossFit what it is.


A great gym can have programming, coaches, location, equipment all that make it the best, but it’s the people that make the community what it is. It is rare that we all have the chance to come together and celebrate what we are in both fitness and social world. This is why I love the In House weekend. We get to see each other at the peak of our drive for a better life through fitness, and then enjoy each other in a setting we rarely get to. This year is extra special being the first event where both Woburn and Canal Park will participate together.


If you have the time I would personally greatly appreciate it if you could come and be part of what the 21st brings. You can bring significant others, family, and friends who aren’t members. The more the marrier. I just want to have a great day with the only people outside of my family that truly matter to me in the world.


I know many of you find that hard to believe, but you all are what keeps me going. See you in two Saturdays!







Strength : Overhead Squat



– The most important part of the overhead squat is in the direction of the hips at the top of the movements. Yes the lock out, wrist position, torso angle, turnaround, and width of your hands all matter but how you initiate with your hips is what makes or breaks the movements. We will be focusing on this as a point of emphasis. 


WOD: 12m AMRAP of Running (scored in 100 meters)
Buy In : 3 Rounds
7 Squat Snatch 115/75
7 Toes To Bar
then 3 Rounds
8 Pistols (alternating)


S: 75/55, Knees to Chest, Ring Dips for HSPU, scaled pistols
L1: 95/65, Knees to Chest/Elbows, scaled HSPU, scaled pistols

Rx+: 135/95


The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Clean and Jerk Work
4 attempts at a 4 rep Clean and Jerk (any), done every other minute


immediately into


4 attempts at a 2 rep max Power Snatch, done every other minute


3. 5 Rounds, 90s on 90s off
7 Muscle Ups
AMRAP Stone to Shoulder, heaviest able

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