Pat P’s WOD

Pat P’s WOD

I would be remiss if I said I have been the most consistent with Pat’s WOD, so many of you new to the last 2 years in our community might have no clue who Pat P is or what this is about. So let me tell you about Pat P.

Pat Padgett might have been the mayor of Boston area CrossFit if there was such a title to hold. I don’t think he was officially a member of any gym, ever, yet knew the owners, coaches, and most of the membership of all our gyms. He was welcome like a founding member at gyms all over the city, and if you caught him on the wrong day you might wonder why. Nobody accused Pat of modesty, and he certainly had days where whatever was in his craw made you wonder what the hell the fuss was all about.

The fuss I’m talking about is how Pat was one of the most loved people in every circle he was part of, and it was deserved. He knew so many people and was welcome so many places because he was genuine, loving, honest if not to a fault, and just a good person through and through.

I had the chance to be Pat’s friend, or better put I had the chance to call him my friend, for a few years from 2010 until his death because of my working at CF Fenway. I feel lucky to have had many good years with him when CrossFit was still in it’s infant stages in popularity so we all knew each other in the coaching and competing world. While Pat certainly had his days where he could be a grumpy dick, they were few and far between and usually because he had been up since 3:00am and had 10 personal training clients in a row up to that point. However, the good days, which were 90% of the time, you got to experience one of the most unique, hard working, competitive, and caring people there is to experience. It was always a good day when we knew Pat was coming around to train because he was a great athlete and great competitor, but also because the hanging out time before and after was A+.

Like many people I’ll never forget when I found out he was sick. The first time around it seemed like an innocent thing that he wasn’t concerned about, so I wasn’t concerned about it. I’ll never forget the time I found out how sick he really was, the “second time around”. I really won’t ever forget it because I learned he was facing the fight of his life with cancer in his throat just a few weeks after watching him compete with the CrossFit Southie team at the 2013 Northeast Regionals. The dude helped lead a team to a top 10 finish while battling aggressive cancer that would eventually take his life.

That story might be the best explanation of who Pat was that you can get. Every time I talked with him at Regionals he was the same Pat, cool as can be, ready to compete, and happy to see me and everyone else he knew. Meanwhile he was in excruciating pain, unable to sleep, and yet was there competing with his team without a complaint or letting anyone know he had an excuse to not be at his best. In a world and sport where excuses during competition are seemingly part of the product now, especially when things don’t work out as imagined, Pat didn’t let on a thing about his condition.

I was never Pat’s best friend or in his inner circle, but I know I could call him a friend and he would do the same about me. I lost touch once I opened my first business but you can never totally lose sight of P as he was bigger than life in our world in this area. His death was truly a great loss for so many people who knew him and even those who didn’t, because you were a handshake and dap away from becoming Pat’s friend any day of the week.

Do this WOD that was created in his honor like you would a Hero WOD as Pat’s battle certainly was heroic to many including us here in the Lando family.




Pat Ps WOD : 20M amrap
6 Power Clean 75/55
12 Burpee
14 Situps
3 Wall Walks



Strength : High Bar Back Squat
5-5-5, work fast, then 1-1-1-1-1 with 10 second hold in bottom

Pat Ps WOD: 20m AMRAP
6 Power Clean 185/135
12 Burpees
14 Toes to Bar
50′ HS Walk

S: 95/65, Knees to Waist, 15 push-ups for HS Walk
L1: 135/95, Knees to Chest, 3 Wall Climbs for HS Walk


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