Raise Money For Good People This Weekend, Phase 1: Meet Jean-Baptiste from Cameroon. He Needs Weightlifting Bars

As of now we have no changes to Wednesday schedule. Possible closing for last class if snow gets bad, but evenings look OK. Thurs AM we will see.


Raise Money For Good People This Weekend, Phase 1 : Jean Baptiste Yanou Ketchanke.

Donate money in the form of betting on Lando v. Jack Showdown for “18.5” to raise money for people who are less fortunate. Then have some beers at Lord Hobo Brewing Co. in Woburn after.

 We have some awesome people and places to send your $$. Here is the first, and he is a weightlifter just like all of us.


Meet Jean Baptiste Yanou Ketchanke. He is a weightlifter from Cameroon. He needs equipment. We are going to help him get some. You see the videos and pics of him, an African Champion and Olympic hopeful, and it sometimes seems really cool, the training environment. Then you realize he’s lifting in the jungle and it’s 105 degrees. That is how he trains every day. Really down to earth dude, great guy, and like I said, needs some stuff so we are going to help.

When I talked to JB a few days ago and asked if there was anything we could help with his response was startling. He asked for “real 20kg bars”. When I asked further he told me how he lifted with 5+ year old 35# (15kg) bars. We are talking about a CONTINENTAL CHAMPION (like old school WWF Intercontinental Championship??) who trains on a dirt floor…

..and does so happily. JB is so thankful we are willing to help him get a few pieces of equipment. The tough thing is cost. Where he lives in Cameroon doesn’t exactly have the most upstanding services in customs and border controls, so getting the equipment into the country is the expensive part. A $200 barbell might turn into a $200 barbell and $100 bribe. When shipped from an American supplier with the proper instructions we should be able to get the equipment through.

A local opportunity for donations is announced tomorrow. Let’s help these great people out this weekend!




Strength: Low Bar Back Squat

  • 1st rep is 4s pause, then work on second being EXPLOSIVE


60 Burpees
25 Box Jump Over 24/20
AMRAP Deadlift with remaining time 225/155


S: 40 Burpees, 20 Step Up Over, 135/95
L1: 50 Burpees, 20 BJO, 185/135

Rx+: 75 Burpees, 30/24″ Box



Core : For Time
50 Lemon Squeezers
50 Toe Touches (add MB if able)
50 Scissor Kick
50 Hollow Rock
10 Turkish Getup (alt sides) easily done weight

Conditioning: EMOM 20m
O: 10 Walking Lunges (holding MB), 5-10 Burpees , 10 Situps (weighted if able)
E: 10 Jumping Pull-ups, 12 Wall Ball 20/14, 20 Russian Twists (total)


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. E30s for 8 total reps : 1 heavy squat clean

3. 4 Rounds
15 CTB Pull-ups
7 Thruster 135/95
7 Burpee + Toes to Bar

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