Re-Test Time!





We will be wrapping up the Lifestyle Challenge by week end. This means you need to get all the re-tests in and your food logging and points done by Friday. Winner will be announced Monday!


Wednesday will be the last of the tests…



TUESDAY (Both are Re-Tests)


StrengthPower Clean

Find a 1 rep max Power Clean



WOD : 30 Power Clean @ 80% above


12 minute Time Cap!



– These are both retests for the Lifestyle Challenge. The consistent variable is the percentage on the clean so don’t worry about doing the same as you did last time, better or worse. DO make sure you do the same reps if you did scale down to 20. If you didn’t finish in the time cap then your goal is get finished!!!



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx


– If you did the Open WOD last night please be careful with your decision on this. If you think more cleans will not be a positive experience then you can do Monday’s programming straight through. Getting squats in will help get your legs back and the pauses are perfect for recovering.



2a: 4xME Hang Power Snatch (No Pauses) 135/95, rest :60
2b: 4xME L Sit Chin Over Bar Hold, rest :60
2c: 4xME HS Walk (for distance, max 100′ (turn and quarter way back at Woburn, back and forth CFL), rest :90



3: 4×25 GHD Situps, rest :90 between efforts
immediately after perform 50 Hand Release Push-Ups, 10 Wall Climbs, 10 Muscle Ups

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