Re-Test Day One: “Fran”


Jon North squatting at Mash Elite Performance wearing a CrossFit Lando shirt

Here we are. It’s been roughly 7 long weeks of dedication and hard work from all of you people, for some a completely different life than you have lived for decades. I know sometimes your coaches, especially myself, can show a little frustration with lack of commitment but hopefully you all know that I/we know how difficult something like a Paleo Challenge is and how proud we are of the dedication you have shown, even just by trying.

Some of you are experienced with the retesting of Paleo Challenge WODs and know how it goes. Nerves, anxiety, all out freaking out, sometimes tears, most of the time jubilation. No matter what your results are in your retests know that even making it through the Challenge is an accomplishment in and of itself. My money is on everyone PRing at least one or two of the retests, if not all of them, but if you don’t have such success it doesn’t mean your Challenge was a failure. Everyone is different and reacts to food changes and training changes differently. We will talk about this more in depth tomorrow.

I know we all want to have amazing success this week and a good many of you might. Also remember, any progress is good progress. I know everyone wants to have added double digits to their back squat and cut “Fran” in half but 5# and :05 is still a PR and should be celebrated. Keep your focus on your own improvement while celebrating the success of your fellow Landosians as well without comparing yourself. You worked hard for 7 weeks (and longer) so your improvement is your success.

For “Fran” go back and check how you did it scale wise during the first go around. Make a judgement call on how you want to go at it this time. You all have probably improved a lot in terms of pull-up ability and thruster ability, so scaling differently might be appropriate. Just remember, however, that if you were using bands before and try it this time RX on the pull-ups side, that is such a big difference it’s almost not measurable, so keep that in mind when comparing your scores. Unless you are making such a great change (not RX to RX or something like that) I’d suggest keeping your scale the same as last time so you have a direct comparison to measure your improvement through the challenge.

Let’s get it going for Monday Fran Day! Heyooo!!



WOD: “Fran”

Thrusters 95/65

We will be doing this in 2 heats per usual. Get ready to get fired up and blast the walls down


SkWAT Team: No extra work. Mobilize and get ready for your 1rm back squat test

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