Recharging For Our Marbles

Recharging For Our Marbles

When people ask me about what it’s like to run this kind of business, as in what most of my time is spent doing, they usually laugh when I give them my answer.

Much of my time is spent answering emails.

It’s true, and that’s with Stacey doing the operations part of the job which handles many, many emails and all the membership razzle dazzle.

(That sounds like it minimizes Stacey’s work too much, her handling operations means other than programming which I do she handles all aspects of day to day of the gym. It’s a lot! And she coaches, kind of well, a lot.)

We both are adept at email answering and have seen them all. Without question the one that we see the most is the “canceling but not canceling” email. This one happens a lot around Christmas and is non discerning. The volume is spread out relatively evenly throughout the rest of the year. This is the email that comes when people are stressed out for one reason or another and reach a breaking point.

Usually our response in these situations is to chop off things we consider periphery to our life importance. For some reason, even though our fitness is the most important thing to our lives, the gym ends up on that chopping block. So we end up answering and handling tons of emails that are different levels of apprehension mixed with regret where people are almost hoping we can talk them out of canceling. Fortunately we usually do, and I say it not because of the business perspective of not losing members but from the genuine care of the fact that when life gets hard, if we lose our fitness, it is a serious problem. Believe me after reading this article from the American Psychology Association about how exercise literally helps us defend against stress by strengthening the brain’s stress buffers.

Here’s the thing. How come there are people out there who have never sent this email? How come there are CEOs who are really fit, or really unstressed? Why are there people within our very own community who deal with the same life stress we all do yet never lose sight of the things like this that are important for fighting that very stress?

The lazy way to answer is time management. When people talk about time management as I’m stressed out due to my lack of time I want to break things, so I won’t do it here. Really it’s more than just managing time because where we fall short when we start chopping the unimportant but actually important things is prioritizing non-negotiable tasks (work, family/kids) and their ratio to our necessary restorative time. Not relaxation time, not me time, that all makes it way too selfish. We are allowed to have time for things that make us able to live more effectively.

To ensure the ability to have restorative time, time that allows us to be better at our non-negotiable tasks, we have to properly balance it in each day. It’s not about “finding time”, it’s about making time. This is maybe where the annoying prioritizing part comes in, but it’s not as selfish as the world makes it out to seem when we want to carve a little out for ourselves.

Your fitness is important. Family time is important. Social time is important. Whatever recharges you is important. Too often what we do is just work work work through the non-negotiable tasks until we just run out of time each day. The more we do this we are cruising to eventually just losing our marbles. Keeping our marbles is important.




Strength : Thruster
EMOM 10m : 2 Reps

  • Taken from rack

WOD : 3 Rounds, each movement 1:00 running clock including rest.

Assault Bike
Toes to Bar
KB Swing OH 53/35
KB Front Squat (R)
KB Front Squat (L)

– Rest

S: Scaled TTB, 35/26 OH
L1: Scaled TTB, 53/35 eye high swings
Rx+: 70/53, OHS for FS



Core Work

Conditioning : 5 Rounds

20/15 Cal Assault Bike
10 Toes to Bar
12 KB Swing OH 53/35
14 Jumping Lunges
6 Burpees


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 8m
3 Snatch, heaviest able

rest 4m then right into

3 Front Squat, from floor

3. Deadlift
4 Reps, heaviest able

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