Reminders for this Week





A couple important reminders for things to come!



1. Bring a Friend is going down this Saturday at both locations. This means you can bring that friend or family member who has been asking about CrossFit for months but always has an excuse for why they won’t go. The workout will be a great partner style WOD that is manageable for all levels. Don’t mistake this for “easy”. You fit freak veteran Landos will get just as good a workout as always, we just won’t be squat snatching or muscle upping this Saturday. Bring a Friend day means 1 class only at both locations at 10:00am. Basics Seminar on Kipping will be at 11:00am-ish whenever class gets cleaned up.


Canal Parkers, please register for class and if you are bringing a friend email me or tell someone at the desk so it can be recorded. We want to know what the class size will be like. Thank you!


2. Paleo Power Meals orders need to be in by Thursday evening to get following week delivery. If you haven’t had them yet the time is now. There is a 10% code for first time users and they have tiered discounts for the more you order. Especially if you live or work around either gym these are a convenience that is absolutely worth the expense, and they aren’t even that expensive!!


3. Lastly, has some unreal deals on a lot of products. If you aren’t using them for your supplements it’s beyond time to get on it. By simply going through our portal on the website (and here) you get a discount on everything on top of whatever might be listed as on sale. What is best is they deliver directly to you. No more waiting for the monthly order at Lando. This can even be recurring every month so you don’t even think about it. Couldn’t be much better.





STRENGTH : Thruster





WOD : For Time


2 Rounds
20 Thrusters 75/55
15 Hang Clean
10 Strict Pull-ups


2 Rounds
10 Ring Dips
15 Hang Snatch
20 Back Squat


S: 2 Rounds of each, Ring Rows for SPU and Push-Ups for RD, scaled weight
L1: 65/45, 15-12-9, 9-12-15


Rx+: 95/65


The Program : Off Day

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