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When we announced the toy drive I spoke on the greater meaning of donating a toy and how it could help override your general sense of negativity and hopelessness many people speak of from living in our interesting world at present day. My point, however, was not that the usual whipping boy and other subjects most people spend hours each day railing against, but rather how we all had the power to positively affect our world view in many ways. From how we consume information and then share it, to who we surround ourselves with, to what actions we take and the tone we take them with all can change our daily experience and that of those around us. There is no better example of this than donating to Toys for Tots.

The drive ended today. We fell short of our goal of breaking 125, the record number of last year, but nothing about this can ever be thought of negatively. Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy lives, and spent money they surely otherwise could use, and donated to our drive. I truly thank you, and this is why.

There is so much bullshit out there that we are almost forced to deal with every day it’s astounding. A specific subject that really gets me is when people talk in any way negatively about gift giving, yet it happens. I have recently heard people bemoaning how technology like Amazon on phones has made buying a gift so easy and lazy of a practice they didn’t even want to buy gifts for anyone this year. I even overheard someone talking about their office toy drive and imagined the thankless kid who wanted an iphone and got the cheap toy this person bought instead.

OK, so those points exist because there is validity. But they’re also a perfect example of my opening thoughts on how we control how we see our world, how we experience or don’t experience the bullshit that drags us all down. What is giving someone a gift at it’s core? Whether it’s a video game to a sibling or kid or a hand made gift to a grandmother or significant other, giving someone a gift is a tangible act showing them that you cared enough about them to show it. Like many things in my life I overcomplicate receiving gifts when it happens to me and it’s the above reason that makes me have near anxiety attacks when I get a gift that I ultimately don’t want or need. Let’s be honest, even though this is a post meant to show the overall positive power of gift giving this time of year (or any), there are gifts we get that we just don’t need and therefore don’t want. But I ultimately am hit with the fact that this item was a sign that this person cared about me, even if their idea of how to show that was asinine.

There are so many damn things in our daily life that make the world so negative, so dark, and it’s lazy and just selfish to blame it on Trump and other things or people we don’t have to face or actually put effort in to change. When all is stripped back the world is still what it always has been comprised of, and that is societies of people living amongst each other, trying to make something for themselves. The issue is there are billions of people we live amongst doing the same thing. Every day is a constant battle between succumbing to our selfish desires to look out for only ourselves and being the societal creation of a good person that cares for others. The problem now, in my humble opinion, is too many people have given up on the caring for others because they think it’s too hard, too time consuming, too expensive. The truth is we all have the power to move people to their core with an act that nowadays can take less than 1 minute. All it takes is a gift and a sign that you care. Imagine what doing that to someone you don’t know and never will can do to the shape of the world?

Many of you rose above all the negatives you could have pinned your reason for not buying a gift for the toy drive and went out and did it. Today, like every end of the drive here, brought me near tears as I imagined where all those toys were going, all the joy to be given. We collected near 100 toys between the 2 locations. That is near 100 chances to make someone feel special, make someone who otherwise wouldn’t feel like they were cared for and thought of. I cannot imagine what it would feel like as a person under 18 to actually feel like nobody out there cared about me, or nobody out there thought about me and my well being for even a minute in a given day. I am so lucky that I never experienced that in my entire life, and it is events like the toy drive that allow me to remember that gift I was given in my life.

It is one of a few special reasons this has become my favorite part of owning the gyms. Start to finish the Toys for Tots drive is an amazing thing to be part of. Day by day the piles under the trees grow little by little, each growth spurt signaling more joy for people none of us know and none of us will ever know. This being the 5th time we have had a drive means we have donated easily 300+ toys, given I know we raised over 100 last year, around 90 this year, and over 75 every year otherwise. When you put it into perspective, that means we have given over 300 people moments of joy, or relief, happiness, hope, even safety, people that none of us will ever knowingly interact with in our entire existence.

Think about that for a second. We will never know the young people receiving the gifts we have donated over the years. Yet we keep doing it. What a wonderful thing. Hundreds of people over the years directly affected by all of you who donated, who were so selfless that you gave gifts to complete strangers in your life. Truly amazing, and so simple at it’s core.

Thank you, truly and fully thank you all.




Competitors: Next week will start the transition to Operation Lando specific work and the explanation of how things work. If you are interested in being part of this and haven’t contacted me, do so ASAP. Remember, even if you cannot do any extra work than class, that is OK. It’s about being involved and building the team concept together.


WODify —-> TRIIB Transition : Yes this is still happening, we are just making sure it’s 10000% good before you start entering data. Keep using WODify through this weekend and we hopefully have announcements for using TRIIB by Monday.


Holiday Schedule : The online schedule (Triib) will be updated by Sunday to reflect the gym operations (both locations) for the time around Christmas. We certainly close a day or two more than some other gyms but for the 5 years we have been around and for years to come I am a firm believer in staff having time off during important holidays. Expect closing on Christmas and New Year’s Day, with a day or two around one or both.




Strength : High Bar Back Squat


5 Pull-Ups
10 STOH 115/75
15 Pistols (alternating)
10 Burpees
5 Box Jumps 24/20

S : 5 Russian KB Swing 53/35, 75/55, Jumping Squats
L1 : 5 Banded pull-Ups, 95/65, Scaled Pistols or Jumping Squats

Rx+: UB CTB Pull-Ups (any break equals – 1 rep), 155/105, 30/24 Box Jump



1. Conditioning : For Time
Buy in : 30 Burpees
Then 5 Rounds
30 Situps
30 Double Unders/50 Singles
30 Russian Twists (15/15) with MB 20/14
30 Jumping Pull-Ups
30 Cal Row
After 5 rounds then Cash Out : 30 Burpees

Time Cap = 45:00


The Program : Comp Prep Day

1. E2m For 10 sets (20m) : Squat Snatch
Warmups are included in this (first 5 minutes)
Each # is minute

1: 1 @ 50%
2: 2 @ 50%
3: 2 @ 50%
4: 1 @ 60%
5: 2 @ 60%
6-10 : 1 @ 65-80%
11-15: 2 @ 65-80%
16-20: 1 @ 80-95%

The goal here is no misses throughout, not PR at the end. Its about 20-30 reps over extended time and staying focused throughout.

2. High Bar Back Squat
5-5-5-5, work quickly 15 minutes tops

3. Work Capacity Prep
3 Rounds
10 STOH 115/75
10 Hang Squat Clean
10 Lateral Burpees
10 Thrusters
rest 2:00
15 CTB Pull-Ups
15 GHD Situps
15′ HS Walk
5 Overhead Squat 185/135 (bonus +1 rep if taken from Squat Snatch)
rest 2:00
5 Bar MU
10 Ring Dips
15 KB Swing 70/53
20 Cal Row
rest 2:00

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