Saturday 11.10 : Good Luck Landos!

Saturday 11.10 : Good Luck Landos!

It’s that time of year where many make the annual pilgrimage to CrossFit Southie in South Boston for their fall competition. It’s a long running comp that is extremely well run. If you don’t have anything to do, go check it out. If you have never been to a CrossFit comp then Southie is one to go to. They have vendors, food for sale, great 2 location watching, and our own people competing who need your support!

Good luck to those competitors : Lianna Altieri and our guy DK (Charlestown), and Devo and Z-Man (Zach) Feldman from Woburn going at it tomorrow. You guys are the best and good luck from all of us on staff here at Lando and I know I speak for our entire community when I say GOOD LUCK!!

(Christina from Woburn and owner of the Connector Cafe will be serving her famous muffins as well!!)



Strength : High Bar Back Squat


WOD : For Time
75 Wall Ball 20/14
40 Hang Power Clean 75/55
75 Wall Ball

S: 50 Wall Ball, 25 HPC
L1: 75 Wall Ball, 25 HPC

Rx+: 50 HPC 95/65


Core Work : 3 Rounds
50 Knees to Elbows, straight arm plank
25 Situps
25 Air Squats
20 Lunges
15 Russian Twists MB 20/14 (each side)

Conditioning : For Time
Run 800m
25 KB Swings,  53/35, Overhead if able
Run 200m
25 Wall Ball 20/14
Run 200m
25′ Burpee Broad Jump
Run 200m holding MB
25 KB Sumo DL High Pull
Run/Walk/Crawl 200m holding KB from workout


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Practice HS for 10 minutes…FS, Walking, HSPU Kip, etc.

3. EMOM 16m
O: 2 Front Squat, heaviest able
E: 30s of DB Clean and Jerk, heaviest able UB but difficult

4. 10 Minutes core work