Saturday 8.25

Saturday 8.25

OK I haven’t lost my mind completely with the Labor Day picture. Also I know it’s a full week away but I had a few Labor Day Weekend schedule questions. Since I had nothing to write about here I figured why not indulge you very pre-planners?

Labor Day Weekend 2018 will look like this, with possible minor changes to times at our discretion.

SATURDAY : Regular Schedule
SUNDAY: Closed (both gyms)
MONDAY : Closed (both gyms)

We will reopen with a normal schedule on Tuesday, September 4th.




Strength : Front Squat

WOD : 4 Rounds , 25m Time Cap
Run 400m
15 CTB Pull-ups
30 KB Swing 53/35
60 Double Unders

S: Run 200m, Jumping Pull-ups, Eye High 35/26 Swings, 100 Singles
L1: 300m, 15 Regular Pull-ups (banded as needed), 30 OH 35/26, 30 Double Unders

Rx+: 5 MU for PU, 70/53 KB


Core : For time
Air Squats

  • Perform 1-40′ Bear Crawl after each rep set (so 1 after 50 situps and 1 after 50 air squats)

Conditioning : 3 Rounds
Run 400m
25 Push-ups
10 Broad Jumps, 5/3′
25 Sea Turtle
10 Jumping Lunges 5/5
Row 500m

The Program

1. Strength and WOD with MU or Bar MU (if can’t do ring)

2. 1 Time Through, complete the work in the time given, the goal is to go as hard as you are able so you get as much rest as possible. Start immediately on the end of the time/beginning of the next piece.

a: 3:00 to complete: 35/30 Cal AB
b: 3:00 to complete: 10 Bar Facing Burpees, 20 Thrusters 75/55, 10 Lateral Burpees Over Bar
c: 3:00 to complete: 40′ HS Walk or 20 HSPU (with kip), 20 Power Snatch 75/55
rest 2:00 after 3:00 mark then
d: 90s AMRAP : Single Arm KB Push Press 70/53 (as able), alternate every 5
rest 90s
e: 90s AMRAP: GHD Situps
rest 30s
f: complete the following AFAP
50 Cal Row Sprint

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