Saturday: Bring a Friend, Get Money Back!

Saturday: Bring a Friend, Get Money Back!

This Saturday (tomorrow) is Bring a Friend Day. We do this every month on a Saturday as a chance to get people, your people, involved in our community to see what we are about. It’s the same schedule, same workouts, just a little more beginner friendly. No muscle ups and squat snatches on these days, but that’s all that’s different. Don’t feel this isn’t a good workout for you to come to yourself! It might be easier movements which means you just try and crush it harder.

Get someone to sign up and you get money back. That’s right. 25% off your next membership bill every 1st friend sign up each month! That’s $30-50 off your next bill depending your membership. If you are a class pack member we simply refund you 25% of your class pack payment immediately. If you get more than 1 friend to sign up in a month, every one after is just straight up $10 off your charge. It resets every month, so we are talking serious money!!

While we do it for Saturdays as specific #BAF days, this discount kickback runs all the time. You can bring someone, or even just recommend them to come without you even there, and get the money back regardless. Just make sure they clearly tell the coach that they came referred by you, or email us, and you are in the money!!

I challenge someone to get a month where they are paying 50% of their usual fee. CHALLENGE!!!




Strength: High Bar Back Squat


WOD : Partner WOD
3 Rounds
Run 800m (each run 2x200m)
50 Burpees
75 Hang Power Clean 75/55
100 Air Squats

S: 30-40-50 reps
L1: 40-60-80 reps

  • Scale however you need even if your partner is doing a different version weight and reps wise


Core : 10m AMRAP

5 Plate Getups 45/35
5 Plate Push 6′
– E2m perform 6 Burpees

Conditioning : 3 Rounds
Run 400m
25 Burpees
35 KB Swing 53/35
45 Air Squats


The Program

1. Strength and WOD (do with partner or half as solo) 95/65#

2. 3 Rounds
3 Rope Climbs
6 Wall Climbs
6 Bar Muscle Uups
12 Strict HSPU
12 OHS 135/95
24 CTB pull-ups
24 GHD Situps
48 Double Unders
48 KB Swing 70/53, eye high

Rest 4:00 after each round

This should take a long time. Do not get discouraged, or not attempt it/quit, because it will be 30+ minutes of work. This is all you have for the day, so get it done however you have to.