Saturday Slate: Full Saturday Class Schedule (Last Week For Next 5 Weeks) + Lifting Seminar

Saturday Slate: Full Saturday Class Schedule (Last Week For Next 5 Weeks) + Lifting Seminar

Great Saturday coming up tomorrow!! The main attraction is the Afternoon of Lifting with Lando, Stacey, and Bud. This is your chance to get hands on teaching at whatever level you are at from a CrossFit Games athlete and University National Championship competitor (guess of the 3 of us coaches is not described by those two identifying statements?). Spots are still open if you have a last minute whim to get better and more fit while having a blast for a few hours mid Saturday. Sign up here.

If you are not participating but still want fitness in your Saturday have no fear. Both locations are running regular schedule all morning. This includes 730am Operation Lando Comp Team going down at Lando – Charlestown. This is the last group training session before the real deal starts on the 24th. Be there!

Speaking of the Open: Next Saturday starts the well documented CrossFit Games Open, the start of the competitive CrossFit season. Since almost half our entire community participates we make this a focus each Saturday for the 5 weeks it runs. Expect slight alterations to the class schedule each week. Since the workouts are announced on Thursday evenings it is hard to make firm decisions until we know what the workout calls for, but I can safely say that we will have a 9am class before the 10am Open WOD Throwdowns each week.

Regardless of whether you sign up for the Open officially or not, you are welcome to come at 10am if that is your usual workout time and jump in for a heat and do the workout. Hopefully you realize at that point in Week 1 that you should just spend the $20 and sign up, but I’ll let you make that choice.

As always we will communicate what the deal is ASAP each week. Once the Open is over in mid March we will also be adding classes to the Charlestown schedule for Saturday AMs. Also look forward to another lifting seminar, a Strongman seminar, and more expansion of the weightlifting and Strongman clubs.

2018 will be a major transition year with all good things coming in this transition. New programs, new clubs, new coaches, new social events, all coming this year before summer!


SATURDAY : Regular schedule, gyms close @ 11, Weightlifting Seminar @ 12 @ Charlestown


Strength : Front Squat
5-5-5-5, then 2-2-2-2 with 5s pause in bottom each rep

5 Squat Clean and Push Press, no thruster allowed, 115/75
15 Situps
5 Thruster
10 Russian Swing 53/35
5 Lateral Burpee over Bar

S: 95/65, 35/26
L1: 95/65
Rx+: 70/53 full swing


Core : For Time, 18m time cap
50 Straight Leg Levers, barbell held straight arms over chest
50 Single Leg Levers (25/25) one leg working at a time, other leg straight up to ceiling, barbell like above
50 Barbell Good Morning 45/35
50 Back Squat 45/35
25 Strict Straight Leg Raise, hanging from pull-up bar
25 Kipping TTB or Scale
50 Hollow Rock

Conditioning : EMOM 20m
O : 8 Box Jump or Step Up and Over 24/20 + 6 GTOH with 45/35 plate + 4 Jumping Squat (hold plate if able)
E: 20s Wall Squat then 5-8 Burpee + Lunge (each leg…this replaces jump and clap)

  • Scale so you have at least 10s rest each minute for at least half the EMOM. Rest full minutes if you run out of time. Row 100m for every minute sat out after entire EMOM is done.