Saturday WHAMMY

Stacy just hanging out

Stacy just hanging out


There is no Early Crew tomorrow morning. Gym opens at 9:30.


Come to CrossFit Route 1 and check out some of your fellow Landosians competing at their Love em or Leave em competition. Mike Gray and Molly are teaming up and going to give the podium a run for it’s money. Stacey and I are also teaming up so it should be a good time!


The workout for today is another workout from the past CrossFit Opens. This is from 2012 and is a real dousy. 18 minutes of pure love/hate. This will be another one where you will pair up and go one at a time, judged/cheered on by your partner. We are doing this for a number of reasons. First and foremost they are great workouts and getting everyone ready for the 2014 Opens that start in 2 weeks. We have a ton of people signed up already but lets get a ton more. The Opens are the ultimate test of your fitness and it is for scaled and Rx, so there literally is no reason not to sign up. We will be doing the 2014 WODs every Friday so you might as well sign up and join Operation Lando. It’s going to be great.

The other reason we are teaming up like this in these practice WODs is so you get some experience with judging as you will be doing this in classes on Fridays for the Opens this year. Don’t worry, it’s no pressure, no anything, but we want you to get used to seeing the movements, keeping standards, and cheering your heart out all at the same time. Judging is a very fun and gratifying experience, and we all know we work a bit harder when someone is right there watching.

Come on in and have a blast with this re-test from 2012!



WOD: “12.3”
15 Box Jumps 24/20
12 STOH 115/80
9 Toes to Bar

A very good RX score for this is 10 rounds. A great score is 11 rounds. A Regional level competitor is 12+ rounds.


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