Scoring and Tracking : It’s Important!

Scoring and Tracking : It’s Important!

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule : We have annual “Murph” Day on Saturday @ CrossFit Lando Charlestown. Start time will be around 10:00am with firm time announced soon. We are going to have multiple heats based on scaling, with earliest possible start being 9:30 and latest 10:30.

There will be 1 class in Woburn from 9-945am for anyone who cannot commit to doing Murph time wise in Charlestown. It is open to Woburn and Charlestown members. However, EVERYONE is strongly encouraged to come do “Murph”. It is hard no doubt but there are many scaling options and your coaches will help you through it. It’s a really fun day and great workout.

We will be closed both Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day. Tuesday full schedule of course.


A Word or Two on Scoring and Tracking Workouts: I’ll be the first to admit that the transition to Triib was not smooth. I am sorry for the difficulties but every day we are closer to it being fully functional with on interruptions or disruptions. I appreciate everyone bearing with us as it was certainly a long struggle, but many thanks to those same people at TRIIB for dealing with all the issues and especially Coach Pat who works there and spearheaded the turnaround. He is in no way the special CrossFit Lando to Triib liaison but he did a lot of extra work for us and continues to do so.

The reason we have things like Triib in terms of the performance tracking is part of the very foundation of CrossFit and what makes this kind of fitness different. Scoring your workout and recording it, especially your lifting that has much more repetition, is one of the most important things you can do other than the actual workout itself. It holds you accountable, both for honesty in what you are recording, and honesty in what you perform. It also rewards you and relatively quickly since we can see improvements almost week by week. We all know that carrot in the presence of a PR star has motivated us through a tough day more than once.

The accountability part of this is huge. Hokey as it may seem, the reason it is important to stay true to the required work in what you perform and then recording it honestly is because it’s just the way it should be. There are people in our community who take their work in the gyms very seriously and take what they record very seriously. This is how it should be. Why spend the time we spend in the gym if we didn’t? So it’s more than a little discouraging when you bust absolute ass in a workout, or grind to a PR, only to see someone record the same or better, or the “Rx” or “Rx+” when it wasn’t earned.

Yep, I went there. But it’s because it’s the way it is, and it’s the way it is because really this whole system that is CrossFit Lando is designed around the goal of every individual improving. This cannot happen without personal accountability, and you better believe it bleeds into life outside of the gym. If you cheat on your workouts, or cheat in your recording of your workout because “you were close enough”, I bet you can think back to times in life you have done the same.

Do I think your work at CrossFit Lando is life or death important? Absolutely not…? I mean we all know our fitness is a matter of life and death, and if what we learn in the gym can affect life outside of it, then I think we are pretty close. Trust me, I know the real place our community has in everyone’s life, including my own. I guess what I’m saying is at the end of the day (workout) if you don’t have something to truly hold on to as honest and true, what do you have? If working for “Rx” or “Rx+”, or heck even “L1” up from “S” doesn’t hold any value, something as simple as the performance of your workout for 1 hour of your day, then I think we are in trouble with what is being valued in the rest of life.

It’s simple. You come and put in the time at CrossFit Lando, so you might as well put in the work. If you are putting in the work, then might as well put it in honestly. If you do that, then you are holding yourself accountable, and you better believe that matters beyond the walls of the gym. Work hard for what you are doing in your time here, and be proud of what you accomplish each day. You put in the time, the pain, the sweat, you damn earned what you did.

I don’t care if it’s the lightest weight and slowest time of the day in the entire community, if you worked your ass of for it then you deserve the pride that comes with it, but that pride only comes when it’s an true, honest representation of what we can do, and only we know that truth.

If you don’t currently do any of this, you can always start today, tomorrow, or the next day. Let’s go!




Strength : Front Squat, 33X1 tempo

WOD : 2 Rounds
Row 500m
9 Power Clean 115/75
Run 400m
9 Overhead Squat
20 KB Snatch, 10 each arm, 53/35

S: 75/55 and FS for OHS, 20 Eye Level Swing for KB Snatch 35/26
L1: 95/65, 35/26 KB Snatch
Rx+: 145/100, 70/53



Core : 3 Rounds, 12m Time Cap

15 Straight Leg Toe Touch
20 Alternating Straight Leg Down and Up
25 Air Squats
30 Supermans
35 Hollow Rock
Run 400m


Conditioning : 3 Rounds, 1:00 each element, running clock
Assault Bike
MB Situp (touch ground OH to ground past toes)
Seated Chest Press (feet off ground, press MB from chest straight out. Hold at chest as scale)


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Deadlift
Spend 8 minutes finding a max x3, at least 4 sets
then EMOM 3m : 8 @ 275/205

3. Core Work
3m ME Assault Bike
3m ME GHD Situps

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