Snatch Day


Coach Stacey’s Lunging Circus


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When people tell me they hate snatching it makes me sad. So sad I sometimes cry. I get depressed, down in the dumps. I feel as if that person beat Dexter, refused to feed him dinner, and left him out in the snow.

The Lifts are a sport within our sport of CrossFit. Snatch, clean, jerk. They are words of motivation for some, words of fear and disdain for others. Unfortunately many people fall into the latter category than the former.

I understand this, but it still makes me sad. I love weightlifting. I love doing it, I love teaching it. The snatch is like a perfectly written ballet. The 3-5 seconds that the lift itself takes, from floor to locked out and standing overhead, tell a story of a lifetime of work. The amount of hours, the amount of pain, the amount of sweat and tears, the amount of joy, the amount of suffering, that goes into one successful lift is almost too much to measure. Crazy still is the fact that one successful lift, one moment of glory that last all of 3-5 seconds, can erase the hours, days, and years of pain and agony…for a moment at least.

For us regular, non-professional weightlifter people, a great deal of frustration and pain comes from the seemingly insurmountable nature of that snatch itself. So much to think about let alone so much to do. To be honest I could list 15 things that you need to think about during the snatch and that is just from a technical stand point. Then when you factor in timing, mental preparation, cueing, we are at probably 20+ things for a 3-5 second thing. Yikes.

I say this with any athlete I am coaching, from super Stacey to a first timer: pick one or two things to focus on for each session. There are basic things that we cue you every time: setup, contact position, finish, etc. Maybe those are the things you focus on, or maybe some more specific things we might cue you with. Either way as humans we can only process so much information at one time. If you add the fact that we are trying to connect this with physical movement, we are very limited in what we can process when doing something like the snatch. Finish it with that we are trying to cram it into 20-30 minutes and the odds are against us being successful. No wonder why so many of you hate it!

Any time we are weightlifting (snatch, clean, jerk) pick your one or two things to work on and stick to it. Say for example you always rise from the floor with your butt too high and we might always cue you to keep your chest up. Focus on that for the entire session and every session after until you fix it. If you stick to this plan then after a few sessions you will have ironed out a couple important bad habits that might be holding you back from making big time gains.

As always just ask your coach at the time what we think you need to work on the most. Everyone has many things to focus on but there are some that are more important than others. The Overhead Squat can be thought of as a complimentary or accessory movement to the snatch. Improving one will improve the other. Similarly, focus on the thing that you need to focus on the most. For some that might be mobility and flexibility for the movement. If this is the case treat it just like treating fixing a bad habit!



Strength: Overhead Squat

Find a 1 rep max


Squat Snatch 135/95


SkWAT Team: 5×3 Snatch Grip Deadlift done at 4140 tempo


Important for today: Overhead Squat



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