SNJ-ManS v4 : Saturday Night J-Man Special, Vol. 4 : I Won The Arnold (Lando Made This Title)

SNJ-ManS v4 : Saturday Night J-Man Special, Vol. 4 : I Won The Arnold (Lando Made This Title)

Jack’s words below:

It still hasn’t hit me that I am the 2018 Arnold Classic LW World Champion.  The entire weekend was so surreal it’s hard to wrap my head around. I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome everyone has given me as well as all the congratulatory comments I have received.  Going into the Arnold Classic, I was both nervous and confident with my preparation. After the first event (Circus Dumbbell), I looked at my Girlfriend Heather and told her,

“I think I can do this.”

In that moment I made a promise to myself that I’d do everything in my power to make that statement a reality. I placed 1st on the Circus dumbbell, and 2nd on the Fatback Farmers carry, which put me in 1st place by the end of day one. On day two, we had the hussafel to start the day, which I was a bit nervous about since I hadn’t trained it at all since Nationals. I placed 2nd on the hussafel and then the stone over beam event followed, and I placed 1st in that. I knew I had secured my spot for day three, because they took top 4 and I had a 10 point spread between 1st and 2nd place.

They held a “Finals athlete meeting” Saturday night, where they told us the standards for the two events on Sunday and that the points had been adjusted, so my 10 point lead turned into a 4.1 point lead. What this meant is that I just couldn’t zero the first event Sunday, or else I’d be knocked down to 2nd place. That made me extremely nervous because the first event Sunday involved the Boss Log (The event that kept me from first place at nationals), but the other event was a stone series, which I knew I could do well in. So I went out and made sure I held onto my lead. I didn’t even know I had won the entire contest until I went off the main stage and my friends were throwing me around yelling that I was the Strongest Lightweight in the world. Let me tell you, that was one of the coolest feelings I’ve ever experienced.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but I hope I made everyone proud.

To my CrossFit Lando Family, thank you so much.



Strength/Skill: Zercher Carry

Then : 6 Sets, 50′ Zercher Carry + 3 Push Press


WOD : 21-15-9
Heavy DB STOH (total)
– 75′ Bear Crawl After Each Set
– 75′ Crab Walk After Each Set
Burpee + Step Up 24/20 Box

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