SNJS 3 (Saturday Night J-Man Special vol. 3) : Jack Heads to Columbus to Hang With Arnold and Lift Strong People Things. His Words.h

SNJS 3 (Saturday Night J-Man Special vol. 3) : Jack Heads to Columbus to Hang With Arnold and Lift Strong People Things. His Words.h

Don’t worry, he’ll be back…


Jack Heads to Columbus This Weekend (A Word or Two From Lando)
Another big event in the always exciting world of CrossFit Lando, this one away from the gyms but involving an OG staff member and one of my closest of my closest, Coach Jack “J-Man” Martin. The J-Man himself, who would be the consiglieri to my consiglieri if we were in the mob, heads off to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the Arnold Classic. Fitting such a big event in the world of strength fitness is held in the Land of the Ohio State Buckeyes, the strongest best damn university and athletic program in the land.

Hear more about the Classic itself from the man himself in the now officially named Saturday Night J-Man Special, this entry being #3, making it officially SNJS 3, like UFC 3 just without the bloodsport and building but not quite there notoriety. Still, every great organization starts with a great acronym and this here is one, at least for now.


From Jack:

It’s finally here…

To say this entire Strongman journey has been unreal is an understatement. I started getting more serious with strongman training around May 2017. I entered an event under the Strongman Corp organization which qualified me for the National Championship of Strongman Corp. Strong Corp is one of the basically 3 legitimate major organizations promoting Strongman competition. It’s like how professional boxing has multiple belts that all represent the best in the business, Strongman has Strongman Corp and 2 other major promotions that host and promote most all of the competitions around the world.

Anyways, I qualified for Nationals and wouldn’t you know it did decently well and just happened to qualified for the Arnold Sports Festival USA, or simply “The Arnolds”. This is one of if not THE premier competition/event for many fitness sports, like Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, as well as all the Bodybuilding and similar training sports. Part of what makes it such a unique thing is while it brings the best of the best in strength and fitness together, it has quickly become a huge convention that hosts competitions or championships for professional gaming organizations, arm wrestling, baton and cheerleading, pole dance fitness, and other lesser known “sports”.

Once I qualified for Nationals I got serious about my training, and the training leading up to these events, I won’t lie, was excruciating. Walking out of the gym with aches and pains was just another day not long ago. Now an average day  is bumps, cuts, bruises, as well as broken blood vessels, minor sprains, large bruises from minor blackouts. The weights are pushing the limits towards the end of my competition prep, and it is stressful. Nights I know what the weights I am supposed to try the next day I see less sleep than I would like, which is usually very little hours. It has taught me a lot about myself through forcing me into uncomfortable situations completely new to me despite my experience in training sports the last 5 years.

Thank You to My Loved Ones
Lucky for me I have the greatest support system anyone could ever ask for. First of all my girlfriend Heather is the bees knees. I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t there with me every step of the way. As much as I love fitness and strongman, it’s nice to go home and be away from it all, even if it’s just for a little bit, and she does that for me. If I have a bad day I know it will end well, knowing that she’s here.

My mum is definitely one of the reasons why I’ve had success. Her genes are to die for. But seriously, she’s always there for me when I need it, and even when I don’t need it, she’s there. I couldn’t have done all of this without her. She’s seen my ups and downs, and always knew how to pick me up, brush me off, and get me back out there. I hope to make my family proud.

Thank You CrossFit Lando
The entire Crossfit Lando community; I’d like to thank you all. You guys have no idea how much it means to me that you all show interest in what I do and support me throughout, whether it with our community in CrossFit in the past or on my own with Strongman these days. It warms my heart knowing that I have you guys backing me here at home when I go out there in Columbus. As said above, I promise I’ll be back and have exciting things I’m working on and I have been working on with Lando and Stacey to bring Strongman out to our community in and out of the gyms.

I know that win or lose you all will be proud, because I’m going to give it my all and I wont stop until I’m done.

– Jack


Lando here…

I am sponsoring a GoFundMe for the J-Man that will go live on Monday. Just like the 2015 team going to Regionals, Bud going to Nationals, Jack’s trip to Vegas last year which ended up being the event that qualified him for the Arnold, this trip to Columbus requires a lot of commitment for months and more. Jack has completely changed parts of his life, obviously his training but also his social life to gain sleep, monitoring his nutrition which I can attest to after having welcomed him to live with us 2 years ago is very foreign to Jack, but often overlooked is the financial commitment required.

While Jack having known the requirements of him if he qualified and has taken on the majority of the financial burden himself, this 22 year old kid is floating 5 days in a hotel, round trip plane ticket, registration fees, food for those 5 days which none of will be from a grocery store, and it’s quite the nut he has put up for this newfound dream.

Please know that any help you give is a major one in the end. More info to come Monday AM. GET THOSE WALLETS READY!!!!



Strength: Yoke x 50ft + Sled Push 50ft
– In between sets: Isometric Deadlift x 3 reps, 5 second hold each rep

WOD: 5 rounds: 2 min amrap, 1 min rest

1 Deadlift, Stone

3 Deadlifts, Axel

5 Deadlifts, Barbell

  • Amrap Russian KB Swings with remaining time