Snow Update : No AM Changes, Looks OK for PM Too But Will See How AM/Noon Plays Out

Snow Update : No AM Changes, Looks OK for PM Too But Will See How AM/Noon Plays Out

Looks like this sudden snow evolution has changed enough to be somewhat sure we will be all good for the day tomorrow (Wednesday). As usual my concerns are on my staff getting to and from safely, and keeping you all safe from yourselves if necessary. I am 80% sure the day will go without need for schedule changes due to weather but I never promise gym status related to that subject after our first year with Woburn.

Since you asked I will share. Story goes I guaranteed we stay open the day before a mid week storm since we had 4 massive storms that winter that all hit during week in some way and left us closing at least 4 days to my memory which included rescheduling our Grand Opening extravaganza. Might not seem so bad to some, and end of day it wasn’t more than a hassle as the rescheduled date killed it as one would expect CrossFit Lando’s first ever event would, BUT the original date had Bill Pullman scheduled to make an appearance and he agreed to come and stay in character as President of USA in Independence Day the entire time. Only demands were we provide him with lunch and dinner or per diem of $20 per meal and a hotel at least 3 stars or $150 a night or provides robes you can take with you upon checkout. However all was for naught as he couldn’t make the new date. Anyways, snowstorm…

Fast forward to this random Wednesday in early February, 2013 and around 5pm just before I start class #1 for the evening an absolute bomb of a blizzard hits us like a bat out of hell. I think we had 2 inches by midway through that class, 2 feet by 6pm. I swear once I left my car was buried and had to be left for dead, surely destined to be torn apart by scavengers once the armageddon entered week 4. I had to hitch a ride home with a truck driver Jay and Silent Bob style and thankfully got to Charlestown by midnight. I woke up the next morning to a city buried in snow and lucky to have my life. I learned that as the decision maker in this community, like a father or King and Emperor, I make decisions that sometimes influence the safety of many lives including mine and yours. Never again, I said, will I make promises regarding weather disruptions unless outlook is beyond dire.

I might have some fantasy laden memories related to that stormThat is known as a blizzard my friends. A blizzard. Like gizzard but with a ‘bl’ where the ‘g’ is and talking about snow storms not a part of the stomach of poultry. Otherwise same thing almost exactly.



Tune in tomorrow for the first post about the CrossFit Games Open 2018 style! This will introduce the Open as an event for all the CrossFit world with some history and what is new this year (a lot relative to other year changes). I will also touch on how it pertains to you/the Lando community also with some new first time aspects. A few notes for tomorrow night’s post and the subject in general:

  1. Who should pay mind to the post at all? That is a 100% participation goal. It’s for everyone and I mean every single one in the community. To this day, each year I say before each Open that not once has someone decided to do it and told me they regret it and I am sure that will stay true this year. It’s fun, challenging, scary for some, new and exciting each year, and fully 100% inclusive regardless of anything you can try to use as an excuse for not signing up.
  2. Why post about the Open? It is an annual party of fitness of the global CrossFit community that is driven by the affiliates. That’s us! There is a lot to the Open when looked at from an organizing perspective, so posts will be made throughout the next few weeks aimed at explaining various pieces to the puzzle. Trying to explain it all at once is too much too soon. Figure there’s newbies every year, ranges of participant goals, format changes, all pieces to the nightmare dream of any affiliate owner organizing THEIR Open.
  3. What to do/think about next 24 hours : Are you in this year? Without getting too much into this being the actual post, the Open is really special. It’s the evolution of over a decade of CrossFit growing into a sport big enough to be on ESPN. I won’t try to convince you it’s more inclusive than other sports because you can participate on the same level as the best of the best when we never will play in the AFC Championship like Brady this weekend. That’s brought up every year and totally asinine. But what is cool when talking about inclusiveness is its nearly 100% by design regardless of ability and experience. So, you need to start preparing for an open mind when approaching tomorrow’s post regardless of what you think you think about the 2018 Open.


CrossFit : When recording in TRIIB specifically STRENGTH, always choose RX for level to assure data stores with all past efforts.

Strength : Overhead Squat
Find a 1 rep max, PR attempt

WOD : 4 Rounds
Row 600m
50 Double Unders
20 Pistols

S: Row 400m, 100 singles, 20 Lunges (10/10)
L1: 20 Jumping Lunges, Mix doubles and singles or 100 singles



Core Blast and More

5 Box Pistol Step Downs / Pistols
7 Push-ups/Clapping Push-ups
9 Floor Ham Raises with Band

right into 3m AMRAP
Ab Complex : 1 Situp + 2 Russian Twist + 3 MB Lemon Squeeze +4 MB Hollow Rock + 5 MB Toe Touch

right into 2m AMRAP
Burpee + MB Squat Clean Thruster + Thruster + Press + OHS
– Burpee onto ball if able

rest 2 minutes then EMOM 8m
Accumulated 30s L Sit Hang (pullup)/Support (rings, p-lettes, boxes, floor) then 5-8 No Push-up Burpee to Stand
– pick a burpee number and maintain all 8m.

Conditioning : 5 Rounds
Row 500m
100 Singles/50 Double Unders
20 Sumo DL High Pull 53/35
20 Lunges/Jumping Lunges/KB Lunges

30 minute time cap


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Clean Deadlift, 105% + most recent 1rm squat clean
E30s for 5 sets : 2
E 45s for 5: 3
EMOM for 2m: 4

  • Focus @ 100% to maintain clean position and execution throughout entire segment

rest 3 minutes then 8 Minutes to complete the following:

15 Rope Climbs, 15′
– Every 20 seconds you don’t work perform 1 wall climb + strict hspu

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