So Complex!



What a fun little complex today!!

I know some of you just rolled your eyes and you know I actually understand. Many of you, me included, look at that and say “yeah, right, what am I doing instead?”. What I don’t want is you saying “looks like Wednesday is a rest day this week!”. Instead let’s look at this as how widely varying our scale can be for the same workout, a true testament to why CrossFit is so amazing.

Now, that video of Jack the Incredible is the Rx+ version of today. Just wanted to show it as something to strive for. I know it might be intimidating but think of it more as just something amazing to see. Trust me there is a reason why he is in the video and not me, an example of no matter how long you do this there is always something or someone to strive for.

Again, this complex is a great example of why CrossFit is so great in the sense that everything can be scaled so that nearly infinite amounts of ability levels can be in the same class getting the same great fitness. For those of you who don’t have pull-ups without a band yet you will do jumping pull-ups even if you use only a red band, and for the super pull-up masters like Jack on the other end of the spectrum you will do 3 TTB + 3 Bar Muscle Ups, all done unbroken BTW! For the in between where you are able to do the Rx of real pull-ups, do whatever you can without bands, regular or CTB pull-ups. While CTB might be a harder Rx it really is about getting better and more fit, right? The point of this workout is doing a version of the bar complex as unbroken as possible, as difficult as possible, and doing so as QUICKLY as possible with all the afore mentioned pieces in place.

No matter what your ability level is there is always something for you to do to get more fit and enjoy doing it. That is CrossFit at it’s most basic.



Strength: Overhead Squat

3 TTB + 4 Pull-Ups/CTB Pull-Ups
2 Squat Snatch 115/80

S: 2 Hanging Knee Tuck + 4 Jumping Pull-ups, Power Snatch + OHS 75/55
L1: 2 Knee to Elbow + 4 Pull-Ups/ CTB Pull-ups, 95/65

Rx+ : 3 TTB + 3 Bar MU, 155/105


The Program

1. Strength: Overhead Squat

2. WOD: 8m AMRAP
3 TTB + 3 Bar MU
2 Squat Snatch 155/105, all TnG

3. 15m AMRAP for Quality (max weight)
2 High Bar Back Squat
2 Deadlift (use axle if able)
35 Double Unders

– Start @ 80% max both movements (approximately) and add 10-20# each round. You should aim for 6-7+ rounds but max weight is most important.

4. 20 Turkish Getups 70/53, 10 each side.

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