Special Thanks to Jack and Flav


The Staff



All too often the job that my staff here at CrossFit Lando does goes overlooked. We have established a level of excellence here that almost is expected. I wouldn’t have it any other way as from day 1 I set it as a goal to achieve this level as not just a goal but an expectation of our entire program. Yet even I have to be reminded sometimes that the reason we are able to maintain such a great system and have such a great community is I have fantastic coaches carrying out my vision, not just my vision but our vision for what a great fitness facility is.

Stacey gets plenty of well deserved gratitude and thanks, but today I want to extend a special thank you to Jack and Flavio. The past 10 days we have been short staffed with Stacey being on (much deserved) vacation, and with me working overtime on the new location opening in the summer we needed a lot of extra effort out of them here in Woburn. They stepped up to the plate big time. I always say that a well run facility in this business would be one that the owner and managers could leave and it would barely be noticed. This was absolutely the case, with both Jack and Flav stepping up and taking early morning hours, late night hours, keeping up with cleaning and maintenance, all the while keeping their hours as full time students (Jack) and whatever else Flav does (bartender, street racer, male stripper, etc).

Jack and Flav, thank you for everything you guys do here especially the past 2 weeks. Your heart and love for this place doesn’t go unnoticed and I truly appreciate the effort you put into this community every day.



Strength: Bench Press




12 Box Jumps 24/20
12 STOH 115/80
12 KB Swings 53/35

S: step ups (6 each side) 75/55, 35/26
L1: 95/65

Rx+ : 30/24, 70/53 KB


The Program : Full Off

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