Strongman and CrossFit Lando in 2018

Strongman and CrossFit Lando in 2018

As most of you know we have a resident Strongman in the making in Jack Martin. Jack may be a mere baby child of 22 years but has been with us almost since the start 5 years ago. While his serious training in the sport of Strongman is relatively new in respect to his overall competitive fitness training, he has been a Strongman coach and advocate for a few years running. It started with his first certification 2 years ago and has continued ever since.

Now with his immersion into the sport as a competitor he has grown his passion for Strongman as not just a way to train but a sport itself. He also ain’t too bad at it, having qualified for Nationals through Strongman Corp. in his first ever competition, then at Nationals qualified for the Arnold Classic which is the pinnacle event in the sport. So he now has not only his constant development as a knowledgable coach but is a budding competitor as well. In all my athletic coaching experience I always have said that the best coaches are those who have experienced the sport from as many sides as possible.

So, of course we want to bring Strongman to our community on a larger basis in 2018 and beyond. We don’t have anything concrete as of now but already have things in the works on multiple levels. I’m talking seminars and workshops hosted at Lando (both locations), recurring Strongman classes on the schedule, and eventually a Strongman team and/or individual competition prep. Many possibilities coming very soon. Information will be announced as it comes!




Strength : 5 Rounds, 90s on 90s off

4 Stone to Shoulder
Max Heavy, Odd Object Carry

  • Get creative with this. If the object you choose is something like a DB or KB then do both hands. If it’s a stone, log, barbell, etc then carry any way you can and in a way maybe unusual for you (OH, bear hug, etc). Change it up each round or do same thing, your choice. Just MAKE IT HEAVY AND HARD.

Conditioning: For Time
Row 500m
8 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20
8 Burpee
8 Box Jump (full stand and step down)
Row 500m
300′ Bear Crawl (4xdown and back)

Scale to step ups or smaller boxes

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