Jon North Comes to Charlestown

Jon North Comes to Charlestown

Weightlifting Seminar Next Saturday, October 21st


We have an awesome event happening next Saturday at Lando Charlestown. Jon North, a National Champion weightlifter and Olympic hopeful for 2020 for Team USA, along with his wife Jessica will be here running their Attitude Nation Level 1 Seminar.

For full disclosure this is a completely independent entity from CrossFit Lando that I/we receive nothing from monetarily. I bring this up because I want to try and convey how much I truly believe this to be one of if not the best seminars out there in the crowded seminar circuit in the fitness industry.

I have been part of this seminar from all angles. I was a paying customer 5 years ago, an assistant coach once, and host to a couple different of Jon and Jess’ seminars. The combination of knowledge being presented and their ability to convey it in a way that beginners can grasp as well as experts is beyond almost all coaches I have experienced before. Add to it the hours of lifting you get with their personal attention with Max Out sessions for both lifts. It’s legit the best $200 you can spend on your fitness and learning.

It doesn’t hurt that Jon puts on a display of lifting that is unlike anything you’ll ever see. The passion he puts into his lifting he puts into literally everything, from playlists for competitions to raising his family to trying to become the next Jay Cutler (not smoking Jay but lifting Jay). Just watch below:


CrossFit : Work is done as one constant running clock. Coach will warmup for 5 minutes then get into CORE which should be taken as a for quality core WOD and warmup/prep.

Core WOD: For time, focus on quality, 12m time cap
Run 200m
30 Hollow Rocks
Run 20m
30 Situps
Run 200m
30 Toes to Bar
Run 200m

Rest until 20:00 then
(prep for WOD during rest)

WOD : For Time (35 Minute Time Cap)
400m Single Arm OH Walk w KB 35/26, switch at turn
100 Burpees
100 Walking Lunges
10 Wall Climbs
400m OH KB Carry

S: Farmer’s Carry, 60 Burpees, 75 Lunges, 6 WC
L1: 75 Burpees, 80 Lunges

Rx+: 53/35



Lift : EMOM 20m, Power Snatch + OHS

O: 1 Power Snatch
E: 2 OHS (from rack)

Conditioning : 5 Rounds, 2:00 on 1:00 off
100m KB OH Carry (50m then switch), heavy KB
AMRAP Hang Squat Snatch 75/55


The Program : Off