Summer Social Friday : Dave and Busters

Summer Social Friday : Dave and Busters

Summer Social Friday Event #2: Dave and Buster’s

We will be heading over to Dave and Buster’s in Woburn MA at 271 Mishawam Road around 8pm. It’s everything any age human wants: food, drinks both adult and kid, sports bar, and arcade/midway games. While kids are allowed at Dave and Buster’s we encourage this to be adults only! Hopefully you can all make it, Charlestown and Woburn Landos alike!

What’s a little drive up North to hang out with your fellow fit fam?

Also, if you come I promise/guarantee and will pay to prove that I will win in any head to head matchup of:

Air Hockey
Any throwin related physical sports game
Soul Caliber
Mortal Kombat II

  • Im sure the last 3 aren’t there I just wanted to throw that gauntlet out in general.
  • I will also get any high score of anyone on Altered Beast of Tony Hawk 1-5




1. Beach Body Blast

Strict Muscle Clean 75/55
Strict Press 75/55
Romanian Deadlift 75/55
Strict Toes to Bar


2. Conditioning
EMOM 20m
O: 10 KB Swing 53/35 + 8 KB Squats
E: 7 Burpees



Strength : Overhead Squat, done E90s

  • Taken from floor, Snatch or Clean and Jerk

WOD : For Time
5 Rounds
10 Hang Power Clean 135/95
8 Thrusters
6 Squat Snatch
4 Bar Muscle Ups

18 Minute Time Cap

S: 75/55, 8 Jumping Pull-Ups
L1: 95/65, 8 Pull-Ups + 8 Push-Ups

Rx+: 165/115


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 5 Rounds
Row 700m
8 Deadlift
Rest 3:00 after each set. Deadlifts are to be UB but challenging. Increase if/as able, minimum 315/225

3. 7m AMRAP
15 UB Toes to Bar

  • Scale to 12 or 10 reps as needed, but the point is UNBROKEN, so scale for so by resting.
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