It is that time of year boys and girls. And by that time of year I do mean the time when blogs on Sunday night routinely are posted late because of my friend Tom’s work getting in the way. I’ll do my best!!

Event #3 for In House Throwdown comes tomorrow night! Sign up, Sign up, Sign up!!!




Strength : Deadlift
Find a 5 rep max in 10 minutes, rest 2 minutes, then EMOM 6m : 2 reps @ 90% heaviest 5 of today.


WOD : In 5 minutes, Run 400m
rest remaining time, then @ 5 minutes start 12m AMRAP
5 KB Goblet Squat
5 Jumping Squat (no kb)
10 Step Up (5/5) holding KB
10 Box Jumps 24/20
10 KB Swing 53/35 (eye high)
15 KB Swing, full OH