Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Great Half “Murph” from all you Landos who came and gave it a whirl.

If you are around next weekend, come in for any or all of “Murph” Day 2018. Starting around 10:00am (exact times TBD soon) we have room and direction for everyone to get a chance to do “Murph” as they are able. Do not be threatened by the size of the workout. Your coaches will be there to help with all scaling needs, pre and during the workout!

Stay for the post “Murph”/pre Memorial Day Hangout Party Funtime. We have food, we have booze, we have games, we have a raffle with free memberships, consults, gear, and all proceeds going to a local charity (more on that this week). What else do you need?

Come for the whole day, come for just the party, come for just the WOD (boring!), whatever you can!



Strength : Clean and Jerk
EMOM 15m : 2 Clean + 1 Jerk

rest exactly 5 minutes then

Strength-WOD: 15m AMRAP
2 Squat Clean Thruster, heavy
2 Stone or Keg to Shoulder + 50′ Carry
– Do 1 side fully with carry, then 2nd rep is other side with carry
5 KB Single Arm STOH (each side), heaviest able unbroken