SWJ-ManS : Eliminating Weaknesses

SWJ-ManS : Eliminating Weaknesses

First part about getting stronger is finding the weakest link within the chain. Once you find that, your potential is honestly limitless. Identifying a weakness isn’t necessarily hard, it’s just a matter of understanding how the body moves, what the primary movers are, and when they are recruited during a lift.

A few weeks back I discussed why maxing out is important and that it is necessary in order to pinpoint a weakness within a given lift.  Once you have established what the limiting factor of the lift is, you should choose 3-4 assistance exercises that emphasize said weakness.  These assistance exercises should be switched out for new assistance exercises every 1-3 weeks, which will be discussed later as to why that is. Sets and reps can be anywhere from 4×12 to 6×8, but it needs to be enough where you feel you got something out of it. AKA: Go until you can’t.

Then, maintaining strength is another key component that should never be neglected. The Law of Accommodation is incredibly crucial in aspects of strength training. What this means is that if you do the same exercises over and over again, your body will become accustomed to it, and actually get worse at said movement. Instead, you must rotate exercises, that way you’re constantly tricking the body into getting better and better. Usually, you would tailor the exercises you’re rotating towards weaknesses you find within the base movements (Squat, Deadlift, Bench).

You can repeat this method constantly because once you build up your weakness; something else can always get stronger and make you a stronger, more efficient athlete. So get after it.




Strength: Sled Push 100’ (50’ down, 50’ Back)
– Alternate with Stone load over beam


Wod: 4 rounds: each round 3 minutes on, 1 minute off
Max Effort Crucifix Hold (goal is 45 seconds or more)
Remaining time: Max Reps Wall Ball 20/14
– Perform 3 Burpees every break of WB

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