Dan Dionne

Dan is another Coach who cut his teeth as a member at Lando for years before jumping into the teaching realm. He found CrossFit when he was self described as “50 pounds over weight eating sandwiches and drinking beer” and needed a change. Now he is one of the hardest working around the gym, making him a natural leader as a Coach.

He is a native of New Hampshire and attended Endicott College both for undergrad and his MBA which he finished in 2010. Dan is lucky where he truly loves his job and where he works. He was one of the original employees of CarGurus and still works there, now as a Senior Sales Manager.

Dan has some interesting athletic/competition parts to his life including, but not limited to, playing on a nationally touring softball team which had his Dad as a teammate, and being a nationally ranked 9 pin bowler, almost going to college for the sport back in the day. Not to be forgotten is he was a sponsored paintball player and traveled around the country playing in tournaments.

Truly a bit of everything coming from Dan. We are lucky to have such a unique guy as part of our staff and you are to learn from him each week!