Tempo For Your Plateau

Tempo For Your Plateau

You might notice a weird grouping of numbers after the High Bar Back Squat work. No I didn’t pass out on the keyboard. That is a tempo program note that is telling you how to do each part of each squat rep in terms of the speed of each point.

Think of any movement we do in 4 parts. There is the Eccentric or “down” part of the movement, the bottom part, the Concentric or “up” part of the movement, and of course the top. So when you see something like “20×0”, is is referring to those 4 parts, with each number representing a second. “0” is “normal” tempo, and “X” means “explosive” which is usually written for the up part of the squat since we never want that to be slow.

The reason we do this is a few deep. For one, it’s just a good way to mix up the work, helping guard against plateauing during longer strength periods like we are in right now during the bridge period from the end of the season to the start of the new one. By forcing you to slow down on the eccentric loading of the movement it makes it different and harder by loading the force differently than usual. This will give you a different stimulus calling for different adaptation to the work you perform.

Also, by slowing a movement down in certain areas it makes you focus on that part of it technique wise. If you usually struggle with the down part of the squat this is a good day for you then. By forcing you to take more time at the top as well, you not only are forced to focus on each rep but also it’s adding more time to the time under tension. This latter part makes the entire set harder causing another wrinkle to form in the overall stimulus we are getting from the work.

Get in here and get working on these tempo squats for Monday!




Strength : High Bar Back Squat
3-3-3-3-3, 20X3 Tempo

WOD : 10 Minutes
3 Rounds
7 Deadlift 135/95
14 Hand Release Push-ups
21 Air squats
– Then after 3 rounds perform the following for AMRAP with remaining 10 minutes
5 Front Squat
5 Bar Facing Burpees

  • Score is total reps after 4 rounds

S: 75/55
L1: 115/75

Rx+: 155/105



Core : 10 Minutes

10 Lemon squeezer
10 MB Toe Touch
30s Seated Hold, MB overhead if able

30s Forearm plank
– Goal should be transitions AFAP

Conditioning: 2 Rounds
Run 800m
50 Burpees
50 Abmat Situps


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. 12 Minute AMRAP
4 Squat Snatch 165/115
4 Muscle Ups
4 Strict HSPU

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