Fare The Well Coach Pat and Yay Coach Lauren!

Fare The Well Coach Pat and Yay Coach Lauren!

Coach Pat : Coach Pat has been with us since CrossFit Lando Charlestown took this location over just over 2 years ago. He has been a great coach for us and a great help as a coach, always being there for us when we need it and doing a great job in his coaching. He always has shown his compassion and dedication for his position as a coach and has given us 2+ years of his life.

As most of you know, Pat works full time like many of our coaches do doing other things. His work is taking a lot more of his time and he has made the decision to step away from coaching to dedicate his time to his work in his company and his year old marriage. I respect that immensely.

We thank coach Pat for all that he has given us. He will be coaching his usual classes this week and then be gone from us as a coach. He will continue working out at Lando Charlestown so you won’t be losing him completely!

With one loss brings a great addition, however, and I am thrilled to announce that Coach Lauren will be coming on staff in an even more frequent capacity, filling those classes from Coach Pat and more at both locations. Look for more information about Coach Lauren including her coming on as the Lando Community Physical Therapist as well. This is incredibly exciting for our team and our community and personally I cannot wait!


Barbells for Boobs: Saturday was another one of those times where I struggle to find the words for describing how it makes me feel. Thank you is the best I can do, but I wish I could do so much more. Woburn people, Charlestown people, all coming together to workout for a charity that does so much good for so many people.

We had one of my students from Somerville High School there to take pictures. He wouldn’t stop talking about how cool it was to see, asking me question after question about what it is we do at CrossFit Lando, and telling me how much he wished he could partake in it every day.

Corny as it sounds, Saturday was a day that makes me happy and feel lucky that I own these gyms and get to be part of this community. Thank you for making it so wonderful.




Strength : Deadlift
– Warmup for 3 minutes to 50%
a: EMOM 6m : 3 reps increasing 5-10% until 80%
b: E90s for 4 sets : 2 max reps

WOD : Row 300m
then 4 rounds
10 Squat Snatch 95/65
15 Hand Release Push-ups
then Row 300m

S: 75/55, Power snatch
L1: 75/55
Rx+: 115/75



Core Work : 2 Rounds
20 Hollow Rocks
30 Alternating Superman Swimmer
20s Hanging L Sit
50 Double Unders/100 Singles

Conditioning: Row 300m
then 4 rounds
20 Burpees
20 Weighted Situps 20/14 MB
then Row 300m


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 6m : 3 TnG Squat Clean

3. 4 Rounds
20 GHD Situps
20 GHD Hip Extensions
20 DB Thrusters 45/35 each hand

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