The Clean and Jerk

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The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk are the Weightlifting Family. The entire sport of weightlifting is just those two movements (3 if you separate clean and jerk). Men and women have had their names etched in history due to their dedication and prominence in these movements, and lives have been broken, souls crushed, babies shedding many tears, all from the physical and mental pain that the bar and weights bring down upon these same men and women. It is a love hate relationship. Any good weightlifter will tell you that the pain and agony that failing 90% of your attempts is very real, but the 10% you make make it all totally worth it.

I like to think of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk like weekend nights out. Snatch is the Friday night out with the man/lady to a nice French restaurant in the city. 5 courses, great wine, finished off with a beautiful stroll down Newbury Street for some window shopping. The Snatch does finish with a burst of power, and explosion of intensity, ripping the animal in you out to destroy that bar into the correct position. I’ll let you all think of how your Friday night date night ends and make the connection with the Snatch.

Clean and Jerk is Saturday night out on Bourbon Street. Starts off with shots of Jack Daniels at 4pm, ends with the man/lady wiping your bottom and putting your underwear in the wash because you went #2 and it didn’t end up in the toilet. Certainly a much different ending than the night before, same people involved.

The Snatch is elegant and graceful, hiding the fact that it is still explosive and powerful. The Clean and Jerk leaves no question about it. It’s power, animal, pain, explosion, all wrapped into 3-5 seconds that hopefully end in glory much more so than a #2 in your pants.

There is a reason why lifting meets always have the Snatch first and finish with the Clean and Jerk. The Snatch shows both skill and strength but leaves enough in the tank for athletes to go full HAM on the clean and jerk. We want to feel through the Snatch, comfortable in the bottom of the squat to finesse the bar into the perfect overhead position. We want nothing to do with the bottom of the squat on the clean and jerk, getting out of that bastard of a position as soon as possible before we have to plow that weight over our head. If you are an animal when performing the Snatch, you must be an absolute beast when hitting a Clean and Jerk.

The focus in terms of our technique is the same for both movements, our positioning is just different due to our hand position. You may remember from last weeks post on the Snatch that there are a few key points to hit in our pull and in our Launch. It is the same with the clean and jerk. Keeping the shoulders and chest over the bar, finishing with the shoulders fully back during the Launch, and speed baby speed are key to both the Snatch and Clean. To get that Jerk overhead, you guessed it, speed is the answer…and a little bit of strength and proper technique doesn’t hurt either.

As always we will drill everyone extensively to get everyone ready to hit some PRs. Last day of Challenge testing!!! Good luck!


Strength: Clean and Jerk

Find a 1 rep max

WOD: 30 Muscle Ups for Time/60 Pull-Ups for time

12 minute cap. After 12 minutes then:

3m max row
2m max double unders
1m max alternating pistols

This is a continuously running clock. Count max reps and calories on row for total score.

SkWAT Team: 10 step max back rack walking lunge (5 each side). Shoot for at least bodyweight.

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