The CrossFit Lando All Levels Regionals + Block Party : May 14th






1st Annual CrossFit Lando Regional Competition and Block Party


May 14th, 2016. CrossFit Lando – Woburn


Competition Start Time : 12 pm

Block Party immediately after until who knows when!


Competition will be the 2016 Regionals Events scaled to All Levels

Block Party will be BBQ, drinking games, non-drinking games, other summer good time events!


Info on Registration to come later this week!!



This one is going to be special. While we had two amazing ladies, Stacey and Sarah (hopefully) qualify for Regionals at the end of May it doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t get in on the fun, with more fun added in at the end.


I am pleased to announce the 1st Annual CrossFit Lando All Levels Regional Block Party at CFL-Woburn. The competition will be for anyone and everyone, all levels fully scaled up through nearly qualified Regionals athlete, and open to whether you did the Open or not. The events will be altered versions of the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals events as they will be announced by then, so you will all get a chance to throw down just like Stacey and Sarah will a few weeks after!


After the competition we will be taking over part of the parking lot and having a block party, complete with cookout, games, adult beverages, kid beverages, and just a grade A+ hangout.


Registration will be $20 to cover the cookout, otherwise we will be covering the cost of the competition, prizes, and block party.  More info to come but block the date out NOW!!






BootCamp Sprint


1a: 4×10 Strict TTB with slow negative, right into
1b: 4×10 each side standing oblique crunch with weight, right into
1c: 4×10 MB Situps, weight as able, rest :60


2: 20 straight arm plank to down dog, 8 second hold each spot, cued by coach.


3: Conditioning : 5 Rounds
10-15 Burpees, choose a number and stick with it
25 Air Squats





Strength : Overhead Squat
Find a 1 rep max


WOD : 5 Rounds
15 Burpees
15 Overhead Squat 95/65


S : 10/10, 65/45 Front Squat

L1: 75/55


Rx+: 115/75 UB OHS



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. EMOM 15m
3 TnG Squat Clean, increase as able


3a: 4x30s Front Rack Iso Hold, rest :90
3b: 4×10 Strict TTB


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