I’m Obsessed With The Prodigy, Here is Why

I’m Obsessed With The Prodigy, Here is Why

I wrote this post last year and randomly thought of it just today. By randomly thought of it I mean Stacey said I should explain to people when I post random videos of bands aka post videos of The Prodigy which then lead me to think about this post. 

I decided why not revisit it? When it comes down to it my opinion about each of those songs for the criterion I wrote hasn’t changed. While my life has changed, and some of those memories mean different things to me now (insane how a year can make so much difference in a lifetime) those songs are all still as important to me as they are now.

But it’s no fun to just repost a post about music a year ago and now address it now. Since I can’t go back on my views of these songs and what they mean to me, I decided why not post about songs that for one reason or another matter to me NOW. This quickly turned into why not post about every Prodigy song I’m obsessed with and why, because I realized it makes no sense to you commoners who don’t think on my level aka don’t waste hours of their life scouring the nets for obscure European concerts from 2014 why I in fact love this band who’s last hit was 1999.

Or that’s what YOU think!


Why The Prodigy?

I know. Most of you are saying “I didn’t know they still existed”. Yeah, they exist. They exist and tour around Europe and Russia relentlessly, playing to 80,000+ people week in and week out at massive festivals in front of crazy audiences. I’m talking crazy like lighting shit on fire in the crowd crazy. I want to experience it. I want to be their friends.

I loved this band in the 90s, when the internets existed through AOL dial up sign on, so I spent many an hour scouring chat rooms and Netscape Navigator for videos that could barely be played of their rave years music. After I found out what a rave was and back then really was against it, I decided to learn more about them as a band. It wasn’t long before they literally created the London post rave industrial scene. As I kept tabs on them through college as they became monsters of the post-rave EDM scene, but as an entire counter culture in a single band to the rising superstar, boy band-ish celebrity DJs that are now what represent EDM music.

What I think is so cool about this band is they go play rogue all over Russia and Europe, at places like The Great National Assembly Square in Moldova, but then come Stateside to headline the BIGGEST festival in all of EDM in Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the mecca of pop EDM and glow sticks. If you asked a college kid raving out at Ultra, spending their tuition equivalent to party at Liv one night with Tiesto (it’s worth it), who the only band to headline 2009 and 2017 was, no shot they even heard of The Prodigy let alone guess it to be them. They literally give the middle finger to half the bands they headlined over and got paid twice as much as. Not the literal middle finger, because they are also 3 of the nicest guys ever, and would have a conversation with Martin Garixx about how cool they think he is then completely blow his set out of the water with songs 10 years older than him.

But what I love the most about this band, more than the history or the nostalgia of driving to AAU baseball in 7th grade blasting “Smack my Bitch Up” having literally no idea what it was about let alone what heroin was, is the camaraderie and the energy. Camaraderie in a band who formed as a rave band in the underground clubs of London in the early 90s and evolved into the biggest industrial-techno band ever (f**k the Chemical Brothers), with 3 of the biggest songs of the late 90s along the way, 3 songs that were nothing like anything else then or ever again. I’m a sucker for camaraderie in my bands, hence 311 and their 25+ years together with 0 lineup changes, and this is 3 guys who have stayed together through superstardom and in a way a fall from grace (they haven’t charted in the US since 1999), only to emerge as the superhero, cult hero, god like band they are to 60% of the world now.

I’m a sucker for this especially when a band changes so much. I mean they literally went from making this video in 1994:


To this video 2.5 years later in early 1997:



The first selling less than 50,000 copies, the latter selling 4 million and counting. 2.5 years. Keith Flint is the guy featured in the above “Firestarter” video, the same guy wearing the top hat and baggy clothes in “Everybody in the Place”. 2.5 years with complete and total transformation ahead of their time, leaving the MDMA culture to become THE London techno-grunge movement. They are what Nirvana was to grunge 5 years earlier. How you become gods while staying together as friends and becoming a band who’s sole focus was bringing live music to the fans rather than sell records aka make money, is beyond me. The entire time they developed a reputation for an unreal stage act and live performance, and it is this which I am now currently obsessed with. The energy.

I love energy. I feed off it. While many people (shameless promotion coming) will say I command an audience myself and can really bring energy to an entire group, or have the power to suck the life out of it, I love immersing myself in a situation where the energy takes over everything. It’s why I, like many people, love live music. I’ve seen so many live concerts I forget many of them in my 34 years, experienced so much awesome energy I remember and have blacked out, but I’ve never been to something like this.


Or this:



And I want to. Very badly. I want to be in the snowy hills of Austria where I don’t know my name or where I am staying for many different reasons other than just what I ingested, break a limb not because I was skiing. I know the way things go for me is I’ll just somehow end up on in the band’s suite during the Forest Party (heard it’s epic) because one of them does CrossFit. Or in jail. Either way the story will be absolutely INSANE! I want to for some reason be in the arena that catches fire because some crazy legion of fans somehow got torches into a public space in 2017 and lit the whole thing on fire all because I want to be the last one to leave as I watch the entire thing burn to the ground piece by piece. Not because I think it would make me cool, but because I want to feel the energy of that situation. It’s like why I say even someone who doesn’t care about college football needs to sit in the inner bowl of the Horseshoe at Ohio State and hear the O-H-I-O chant go around the stadium of 110,000 people once in their lifetime, preferably on 0 sleep and a lot of amphetamines.

I’ll be the first to admit their music isn’t anything that’s getting them into the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH (beautiful as a place as it is). But what has drawn me to them through various stages in my life is and always will be the energy they bring as a cohesive group that does whatever the fuck they want.

And that’s that.




1. Core: 5 Rounds, 2:00 on 1:00 off
10 Seated Straight Arm Getups (Barbell or PVC)
AMRAP Double Unders

2. Conditioning : 5 Rounds
15 Burpee Broad Jump (length of PVC)
3 Wall Climbs



Strength : Thruster
Find a 3 rep max from rack

WOD : 3 Rounds
Run 300m
21 Pistols
Run 200m
15 STOH 115/75
10 Broad Jumps
9 Pull-Ups

S: 75/55, Scaled Pistols and Pull-Ups
L1: 95/65, Scaled Pistols and Pull-Ups

Rx+: 135/95, CTB Pull-Ups


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2a: 4xME OHS 185/135 (clean and jerk), rest 60s
2b: 4xME Ring Dips (Muscle Up), rest 60s

3. 5m AMRAP
Burpee Step up holding KB 35/26 at chest