On One Long One




Due to my having the flu and being incapacitated for 2 days, and the ongoing issues with the Challenge food logs, we need another day or before we announce a winner. The top 10 in consideration will be contacted tomorrow for figures on their improvements test wise.



Tune in tomorrow for talk about how the strength portion of class can take on different forms and how to interpret rep schemes even with consideration of timing of the strength cycle itself.





Core WOD : Running Clock for 10 minutes

– Max Effort forearm plank. Every break perform 1 Burpee + 1 Air Squat + 1 Toes to Bar

– Every restart of plank switch sides (R/L) or Center, rotating through all three.


WOD: 28 Total Rounds, :30 on :30 off. Max Effort each working round


4 Rounds of each movement


– Thruster 45/35
– Bottom of Squat Hold, 45/35 on back
– Right Arm Straight Arm Plank
– Left Arm Straight Arm Plank
– Plate Getup, 45/35
– Jumping Lunges, 45/35 bar on back
– Burpee + 2 Squat Clean + AMRAP OH Squat



Plate Getup



S:/L1 Scale weight/movements to “air”


Rx+: 75/55


The Program : Off