Throwing Down in the House




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In House Throwdown!!!!


Fun times to be had in the near future. I am pleased to officially announce the 3rd Annual In-House Throwdown at CrossFit Lando – Woburn on Saturday, November 21. This is open to all members of the community at both locations and is an all levels event. The past years we have had upwards of 50 competitors and would love to have that or more again this year.


I know the biggest question is what can you expect? I will try and answer that right now!


Registration: Must be done in person to be official and only counts once paid. $20 and signup at the desk at either location. Must be cash, cannot be charged.


Timing: Expect an arrival in Woburn around 9am to check-in. Athlete briefing will go over standards and whatnot, then first heat around 10:00am. Expect to be done around 2:00.


WODs will be released in advance, the first being this Wednesday, November 11! 


WODs, levels, etc.: This is truly an all levels event. ANYONE can sign-up and participate and enjoy it. Many people do this as their first ever competition. It is meant to be a fun but competitive experience where you will be more comfortable because you will know the setting, the people, judges, etc. The workouts will be scaled just like the daily workouts, and you can expect similar type workouts as you do every day here at Lando. You will declare scaled or Rx before but can always switch mid competition if you feel you are too overwhelmed.


Expect the movements you see here most often. There will be nothing that is truly elite in terms of weight or technical demand. Don’t worry about bodyweight squat snatches or muscle ups (there will be none), worry about 10/9′ wall ball or push-ups.


Party?: As always there will be a social event that evening at a yet to be determined location in Boston. Anyone is invited whether you participate in the competition or not.


Spectators, Judges: Please think about coming to watch and/or volunteer if you are open that day. It is a ton of fun and will have food available. As always we need judges and while experience is always good it is not necessary.


Signup is officially live! Questions can go to any coaches but ultimately will be answered by myself so feel free to ask in person or email. Let’s get excited!





Strength : Push Press


5 Pull-Ups
3 Power Clean 135/95


– Any missed round, meaning either not finishing the work or taking the round off, is 100 meters of running done IMMEDIATELY after the workout. With that said, challenge yourself with the weight on this. It should be doable but hard to get all 4 reps.


S: 75/55, Jumping Pull-Ups
L1: 115/75 OR 135/95 but 5-2-1 reps


Rx+: CTB Pull-Ups, 205/145



The Program


People who did Southie Showdown be honest about your body. If you are still feeling run down you cannot do all the above work. Do a recovery row/airdyne/light push press day and go full on Wednesday. Your CNS and body in general needs another day if you are feeling it still. Be honest. It’s just one day.


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. 3×60′ HS Sprint. Rest 2:00 between efforts.

– We will be testing and lengthening this out through the next months.


3. 3×20 TTB, rest :90 between efforts. Go as UB as able each set.


4a: 4×3+3 (each leg) KB Push Press into OH Walking Lunge 53/35, rest :90
4b: 4xRope Climb into 5s L Sit, 10′ climb, rest :60




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