Thursday 1.25

Thursday 1.25

Woburn Members: As per the email sent out earlier today there is no Open Gym on Saturdays for the foreseable future, effective now. There is 7:30am competitor group meeting followed by the in place classes at 9 and 10am. If you do not come to a class then you cannot workout on Saturday. People who take class are still welcome before and after their class to work mobility and whatnot as always, but full scale working out on your own without having taken a class is no good here on out.

We will revisit this as well as potential added classes after the Open at the end of March with no guarantee on any changes. Until then please make use of your outstanding coaches and chances to train with your fellow Landos.

More FOR ALL MEMBERS on this specific to The Program: If you are someone who does The Program regularly then you are doing work as a competitor and therefore should consider coming to the 730 am training times. The location will fluctuate between locations based on programming and need for equipment.

The Program is a competitor program I created 6 years ago. It is intended for someone who wants to compete in CrossFit with the season focused on the Games Season which starts soon with the Open. If you want to be a competitor this is the only programming allowed to be followed as a member. Despite what people might think as to why I have this rule, it is 100% so I/we are as in the know as possible with what competitors are doing and how I/we can help them. The biggest mistake people make is decide they want to be a competitor and jump right into it, skipping the many important steps in developing as an athlete. If I know what you are doing day to day I can help guide you, whether you come to me for advice or just from seeing you work here and there. If you are following a program from another system then I/we have no idea what you have focused on before and what the intent is in the future, and therefore cannot help guide your development. Given that competitor training is a never ending process of development, this is an absolutely decimating factor.

Regardless of what level you want to compete at now and future, you should consider yourself an athlete that is constantly developing their ability. Approaching your training any other way would be short changing yourself completely while also assuring that you will develop holes in your game without even trying as you will definitely steer clear of things that are difficult and focus on what you want to. Even if your only goal is to do the Lando Throwdown every year, take yourself and your training seriously as an athlete, even if just for 60-90 minutes 4-6 days a week. Trust me, it becomes a cool thing in your day to day life to walk around at any age and call yourself an athlete.

Lastly, you do NOT have to be a competitor full time to do the Open this or any year. The Open is an annual chance to do something different with your daily training that at minimum is a measuring stick for your fitness year by year. There is nothing like finishing 100 spots higher than last year when 1000 more people registered in your group, and you bet there is no kick in the ass like the one you get when you place a few hundred spots worse than the year before and fully accept all the excuses you brought through the year don’t help you feel better about yourself when faced with the truth.

Thursday here we come!




Warmup : 5 Min Dynamic, then 5-7 min of coaches choice mobility. If you are good maybe they will take requests! Come prepared!!

Core Work
1. 6m To Complete
10 Turkish Getups (alt), 53/35 or heaviest able with safety
10 Strict Burpee to Strict TTB (start in push-up, then 1 rep = push-up + stand + move to hang from bar + best able straight           leg to bar/hands as able, then back down with control. Rep finishes at top of push-up)

@ 6m move to #2

2. 5m to Complete
5 Partial Burpee, first 25% (Push-up + Jump Feet to Hands)
5 Partial Burpee, middle 75% (Jump Feet to Hands + Stand)
5 Burpee to Stand + Air Squat
15 Barbell Rollouts,

@ 5m move to #3

3. 5m Clock
a. Accumulate most time in forearm plank as possible until 2:00
b. Perform AMRAP Hollow Rocks for minutes 2-4
c. Complete 15-30 Burpees in final minute

  • Scale appropriately with intent being to finish with MASSIVE effort whatever number you choose for burpees. Ask your coach to guide you if needed. If you finish with your choice before 30 seconds….KEEP GOING!!!


WOD : 3 Rounds
Row 1000m
50 Squats
rest 1:00
75 Double Unders
rest 1:00
– time is after 2nd round finishing DU

21 Min Time Cap

S : 700m, 30 Squats, 150 Singles
L1: 850m, 40 Squats, 50 DU or 150 Singles

Rx+: Thruster 45/35



Lift : Clean and Jerk
Work for 20 minutes

Conditioning : EMOM 16m
O : 3 Front Squat
E: 1 Push Press + Push Jerk

– Keep the front squats heavy and in a different bar and rack as the jerk. Do not be afraid to fail the jerk

Accessory : Core
10m AMRAP for quality
1 Turkish Getup each side, heaviest able
10 GHD Situps
20 Banded Good Morning


The Program : Off

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