Thursday 10.4

Thursday 10.4

I had a revelation earlier today and realized I was falling into a usual cycle of mine. This was a cycle I know as the Negativity of Time Induced By Living in The Northeast and (Claiming) to Not Have Enough Time to Live How I Want To Live. See I know this is such a typical take for someone who has grown up in Boston, but I can’t for the life of me believe it’s already October. I made this realization when driving to Somerville HS around 645 and it hit me it was still dark as the sun was rising. 645 and dark huh? WHAT THE F##K HAPPENED?

It’s not just October but it’s solidly October! I swear more than any year before I feel like just last week I was looking at the weather on my phone and celebrating the 40 and 50+ degree days that were going to finally melt some of the arctic tundra that had accumulated over the 6 year winter.

So started the usual lamenting about where the summer went. Where did the good times go, Donny Osmond? Typically, I spent the growing warm days telling myself and anyone who would listen (that’s basically only Stacey) all the cool things I wanted to do this warm weather part of the year. How many Red Sox games, Cape trips, golf outings, weekend training —> darty days I had planned.

And how many I did not do.

So as usual now I am sitting here at the end of a time lamenting what I didn’t do instead of celebrating what I did do. So as usual I start complaining about how busy I am, or how lazy I am, or how shitty this area is.

I’ll save the corny “hark, what a sudden realization I had” part of this and just admit that yes this is supposed to be a perspective piece. I know many of you reading this share the same type of cyclical nature as I do living in this area, or just because of how you view life in general. It’s when we let ourselves get too jaded that this starts to happen. Everything is something, or someone, else’s fault. I will be the first to admit that in my ripe old age that has a few too many jaded trips around the sun I have grown far too negative for my liking. 25 year old Lando would beat the shit out of negative pessimist realist 35 year old Lando.

Truth is it’s all perspective. I can bitch about the cold in March and how New England sucks to live in because it’s so shitty for so long, but I could also live in Alaska, or sweat my ass off in the bayou 10 months a year, or live in a place that got hit by a tsunami a week ago and be dead (ts and ps to those). The reality is life is what life is for us at the moment. We have a right to bitch about it just as much as we should celebrate the good. When it’s 40 degrees and raining in mid April we all want to step in front of traffic because it sucks. Yes many people have life worse than we do, but nothing seems much worse than getting soaked at 7am and the prospect of freezing our asses off the rest of the day.

The champ is who only holds onto that perspective a moment. No it’s not the person who turns it into a positive because there is no positive there. It’s the one who just knows that life goes on and there will be something good coming down the way, we just have to wait for it. Better yet, we can even try and make it happen for ourselves. No different than when we binge a bunch of shitty food we can enjoy it and look at the next meal as a chance to get back to good, or we can just lament at how fat we are and will be the rest of our lives because that’s all we do.

So here’s the deal. I’ll stop complaining about the loss of the good times and my old age and fatness, if we all try an October with better overall perspectives. It’s a great month for positivity being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so why not?




Strength : Bench Press

  • 3-5 Bent Over Row after each set

WOD : 10 Minutes
20 Walking Lunges (alt)
3 Wall Climbs

S/L1: Scaled WC

Rx+: 53/35 Goblet KB Lunges



Lift : Hang Clean and Jerk
1 + 3, EMOM 10m

Accessory : Bench Press + Deadlift
EMOM 10m
O: 3 Bench
E: 2 Deadlift

Conditioning : 10 Minutes
5 Burpees
10 Lunges
15 Situps
2 Wall Climbs


The Program : Rest Day

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